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business ideas 28 Mar 2017

6 Business Ideas for start-ups in Healthcare Industry

Healthcare industry has been accelerating and many options are available for entrepreneurs to explore and venture.

By Tanvi Jetly Feature Writer

There is plethora of opportunities at offer for start-ups in the healthcare sector as the industry itself is very promising and growing rapidly. It is creating certain new areas everyday to venture into and does not seem to stop any time soon in future.

Healthcare industry has been booming and many options are available for entrepreneurs to explore and venture. The demand for healthcare has been growing at twice the rate of the national economy. Recent researches have stated that by 2020, there will be 5.6 million jobs in the healthcare sector.

When it comes to getting business ideas for the healthcare sector, we get a lot of space to stretch our feet and venture in. Though the healthcare industry is quite big and new entrepreneurs starting out in this sector, might be knowing what they want, here are some ideas which seem good enough to invest in:

Fitness Centre
Fitness centres provide space for people to exercise and indulge in physical activities in order to remain fit and working. Opening a fitness centre brings its own choices with it. You can either provide all kinds of services or specialise in one or two of them and give your customers the exclusive treatment. There are also many franchises operating in this area and all have been doing well enough to earn profits and growth.

Home health care agency
Venturing into this category involves providing healthcare facilities in the comfort of the patient’s home. Services include providing nurses to take care of the sick elderly, providing complete rest to a patient who has recently gone through a surgery, looking after a mother or a new born baby etc. This seems as an ideal idea for a start-up as this does not involve much of the entrepreneur’s money and yields out good profit as people nowadays look for such services. Also, there are many franchises which operate in this space and are profiting from it as well.

Mobile Medical Screening
Mobile medical screening is the start-up which will not consume more money and is also connected with the latest technology and its uses. This business idea will let people book their appointments with different doctors and healthcare centres, schedule flu shots, vaccinations, book eyesight checkups etc- all with the help of your mobile. The procedure of standing in queues and waiting will completely be replaced by mobile medical screening and everything will seem very convenient.

Polyclinics are like the one stop shop for all medical needs. People will get their every requirement fulfilled at one destination, whether it is getting medicine subscriptions or getting any diagnostics. Entrepreneurs investing in such businesses have a high chance of growing and earning profits as the consumers will be getting every medical need looked after at a single clinic. Polyclinics provide wide range of healthcare services and also eradicate the problem of looking forward to an overnight stay.

Baby Spas
This is the cutest business idea and no doubt the most recent one. Baby Spas are places where babies come for relaxing and for their day out with parents. Such an idea needs to be introduced in India and will surely gain popularity.Baby spas provide nourishing massages and other essentials, which are required for the babies’ uninterrupted growth and well being. This concept has taken shape in Australia and is the idea of two Indian entrepreneurs.

Online/Offline Vitamin Sales
This is a multi- billion dollar business idea, more on the online part, as vitamin and food supplements are needed by people and starting a business in this is quite easy. There are many vitamin manufacturers and wholesalers worldwide. Investing in this business also does not require large amount of money, but research has to be done in order to find out the target market for your business.

These business ideas point out some of the areas which new entrepreneurs can venture and launch themselves. There are many other opportunities as well to try in the healthcare industry as this is a very wide market with lots to offer.

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