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5 Tips for an Aspiring Celebrity Fitness Trainer

Many fitness trainers aspire to be a well-known celebrity fitness trainer but only some are able to achieve that dream. The basic steps to being a celebrity fitness trainer need to be climbed in order to stand out from others.

By Holistic Wellness Expert
5 Tips for an Aspiring Celebrity Fitness Trainer

So you want to be a celebrity fitness trainer? You want to be known for the radical transformation of bodies and frames behind the camera? Let me guide you through the process.

After working with a number of trainers in positioning their Personal training careers, I have realized that being a celebrity trainer in India is quite easy. There are two ways:

1. Know somebody who is a celebrity, start to train them, get some good results.

2. Be excellent at what you do, come up with a unique fat burning model.

Depending upon what option you choose, you are still going to have to be good at what you do. So here are my top 5 tips to assist you to become the celebrity trainer you want to become.

Tip 1: Think like a celebrity, look like a celebrity and talk like one: To train a celebrity, start to think like one, birds of a feather flock together, put yourself out there, begin to celebrate life, dress like one, talk like one get your profile out on social media, focus on the way the body looks, not on the modalities you are offering. (This goes against what I believe in, but let’s be honest, to crack a market offer it what it wants)

Tip 2: Understand fat loss and muscle gain protocols: At the end of the day majority of celebrities want to look good, and they honestly don’t care what format you use, i.e. body building, cross training or functional training, rather they want the shortest way possible to look good, master that and you are in business!

Tip 3: Be ready to have flexible hours: Celebrities have erratic schedules and long work hours, because of which they might land up calling you at weird hours from, on set workouts to mid night workouts, be ready to be called last minute for your training session, even if it means leaving your current clients hanging. The bigger the celebrity the more you would have to adjust your routine.

Tip 4: Have a junior ready: As you will be pulled in all directions to service the celebrity market, you would need a junior to look after your bread and butter clients. In my opinion, sometimes it gets difficult to manage celebrities in terms of cash flow, so to assist you in buffering that loss of time, having a junior on board to double up, in your absence would be ideal.

Tip 5: Have your passport ready: As celebrities travel quite a lot, having your passport ready would be a good thing. This would assist you in travelling with them if and when required.

So as you travel this journey of aiming to be a celebrity trainer, stay focused on your goal, but don’t lose sight of yourself and your profession as a personal trainer. You come with great responsibility to share this wonderful journey of Fitness and Wellness with your clients, so carry it on your shoulders and be the best you can within yourself as a personal trainer and human being.

This article has been authored by Prameet Kotak, Holistic Wellness Expert.

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