5 frequent branding mistakes to avoid during salon brand promotion
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Wellness Blog 2016-06-15

5 frequent branding mistakes to avoid during salon brand promotion

Branding is the implementation of promotional strategies to enhance the market presence and image of a salon brand in Indian wellness industry. Often salon owners take the branding lightly and suffer later. Here is what to avoid.

5 frequent branding mistakes to avoid during salon brand promotion

Every organisation needs branding in order to stand out amongst their peers. Same goes for salons which need to survive in this ever-competitive beauty industry, if their branding is done right. Branding is the implementation of those promotional activities which are done to enhance the image of a particular brand. But, here are few common branding mistakes revealed by, Renowned Cosmetologist and Founder-Director of ALPS, Bharti Taneja, which one must never do to conserve the overall image of their brand. Read on.

Not understanding the logo logic: The logo of your brand should certainly be in sync with the targeted audience of your business. It should be creative or symbolic enough to stay in the viewer’s mind long after they saw it or on having a glimpse of it again. Believe it or not, more than 50% people had or have been using a WRONG kind of logo for their brand – one, that just doesn’t go with the image. And, the result is a mismatched or general image of their brand which people believe just because their logo is not up to the mark or resembles every other logo in the industry. In other case people go overboard with designs or colors, that further repels the clients. So, round up a good designer to create a suitable logo of your brand and be ready to soar high in the sky of business.

Using only social media for promotion: When it comes to creating a brand, you must put all kinds of mass media to good use. A lot of people these days get overwhelmed by the power of social media and run along it to promote their brand. While it’s great for people to use the power of internet to spread their brand – sticking only to it is not going to get you returns in the long run. In order, to bring your brands name to audience’s mouth – you should resort to all sorts of media, be it print, electronic, outdoor or online to cover the larger spectrum of clientele. While, ads TV channels or newspapers will pinch your pocket a little more – the number of people your brand shall encounter will be tremendous.

Skipping using relative pictures: Do you think putting a cute baby’s picture on a facial hoarding would be of any help to your salon? Your answer we know is certainly no. Many people skip using nice images for their hoarding ads at all – on the other hand, some just use an irrelevant one instead. Both the scenarios are completely wrong and would do no good for your brand. So, make sure to do just the opposite to be on the top of the game.

Showering endless discounts: Though we all know the power of tempting-marketing – giving way too mush discounts just for the heck of it, neither sounds good nor it’s wise! So, refrain yourself from giving flat discounts on services that will further let you incur its costs in future. Providing only that much which you can really bear seems way to go here! So, don’t hesitate to say no when it comes to showering limitless offers – after all it’s the quality of services you give that matters.

Not catching hold of a good website: A good website can work wonders in creating a superb image of your brand. Therefore, last but absolutely not the least, invest in a user-friendly, beautiful website to catch the eye of your potential customer and reap endless returns in the long run.

This article is written by renowned Cosmetologist and Founder-Director of ALPS beauty clinic, Bharti Taneja, as per her personal research and experiences.

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