Fitness Industry 2017-10-10

5 emerging startups in the fitness industry creating landmarks

Fitness industry has witnessed a mammoth footfall in terms of consumers and business ventures. Let’s know what makes Fitness a sought after industry.

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5 emerging startups in the fitness industry creating landmarks

From college goers to housewives, everyone is suffering from various lifestyle diseases. Obesity is one of the biggest threats towards the urban lives. Sedentary lifestyle and improper food habits are messing with the health of the individuals. Even the adolescents are not spared from the curse of fast food and inactive lifestyle. This is why the urban population of India offers a potential market for the fitness brands.

Currently, the fitness industry is witnessing a himalayan growth due to the escalated awareness among people. Majority of the population is now looking for a solution that will provide all the necessary aspects to make life healthier and happier. PwC did an elaborate study which revealed that the fitness industry has a potential of $16.6 billion in the subcontinent. The industry also promises a comprehensive CAGR of almost 25% every year. Contributing to this scenario, these 5 emerging startups in the fitness industry mentioned below are performing miracles.

ClassVerse is a unique startup in the fitness world that is connecting the fitness buffs with their respective choices of classes. The website offers unlimited access to the enlisted fitness studios in Mumbai and Delhi. The owner of this startup, Rukaiya Kanchwala is the ex-director of Jabong. It has total 600 partners and offers more than 30,000 classes every week for Zumba, cycling, Pilates, Yoga, Kickboxing, bodybuilding, dance, etc. The preliminary charge for accessing the information is INR 499. To access better and more information after a month, a user needs to pay INR 2499. Within two years, Rukaiya is aiming to cover 45 important cities in India and also extend her reach to Australia and Asia. The current users are gathering information conveniently from this portal and are willing to continue with this subscription.

FitnessPapa is merely two years old. The founder, Sourabh Kumar has made a professional approach to provide a pass to the reputed fitness centers for the enthusiasts. The founder has aimed to cater a platform through which a fitness aficionado can access a group class regarding any regimen he or she likes. The platform offers more than 30 different options regarding group fitness classes. This venture is operational in Bangalore currently and has collaborated with 150 fitness centers. For a nominal INR 999 charge, a user can access 10 classes in a single month and access the training programs and equipment.

LiveHealth is a dazzling startup that emerged in 2013. Abhimanyu Bhosale, the co-founder of this startup, aims to bridge the communication gap between the healthcare service providers and seekers. As per his ideology, the wellness and fitness industry is a huge platform with multiple aspects. He wants to solve the web by connecting the dots with his B2B model. With the aid of his attempt, the users can find proper destinations to gain fitness solutions and healthcare aids.

FitPass was founded by Akshay Verma and Arushi Verma in 2015 and is currently working in the Delhi NCR region. Within two years of commencement, the brand has collaborated with more than 1000 gyms and fitness centers in the capital. Users can go for a workout session in any one of them with a pass that costs INR 999 per month. In this way, founders are providing a flexibility pass which can be used by the individuals to workout anytime anywhere they want. It offers a variety of options for fitness classes at a reasonable rate. It also caters 6 products which are Sexy Calves, 36-24-36, Pecs of Steel, Dolay Sholay, Bikini Bod, and 6 Pack Abs. The growth rate of this venture is an impressive 150%. The startup witnessed a record of 4000+ downloads within 6 weeks since 1st January.

Truweight is way different from the other startups. It not only caters fitness solutions to the needy, but also offers a food plan to keep the aficionados healthy and happy. For a sum of INR 18,000, the brand is offering three months of fitness solutions and good food package to the fitness seekers. Taking care of the diet along with providing a fitness regime to the enthusiasts is a groundbreaking idea in this field.

These five names are truly making remarkable progress in the industry and are changing the course of urban lives.

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