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Wellness Industry 2017-05-13

10 tips for building a wellness business website

A website can be developed with the aid of many tools and expert service available, but there are certain common tips to follow to make it a lucrative platform.

By Feature Writer
10 tips for building a wellness business website

The top trending news and statistical studies suggest that every company tries to find and analyze segment related business brands. The percentage of B2B search via the internet is 94%. This is what decides that every business, irrespective of genre and volume, must have an online presence.

A website can be developed with the aid of many tools and expert service available, but there are certain common tips to follow to make it a lucrative platform to promote a wellness business.

Craft a business plan
Anything unorganised cannot do well. The same stands true for the wellness business when it is haphazard. This is why a proper business plan must be chalked out before formulating a website. Unless the plan is clear, a website cannot contain the right message for the customers. The content will reflect the purpose of the company effectively to the visitors.

Creating a professional digital image
Doing a business is not an easy task to accomplish. The things might get more confusing when you are venturing for an online presence. No matter what you include in your website, you need to ensure that the content reflects professionalism. Not a single customer will be encouraged to use your product or service unless your website exudes professionalism.

Systematic presentation
After you have decided what to put in your wellness website, all you need to think is how and where to put the things so that it can be easily searched. You need to set a plan where everything will be right in its place from the beginning until the end. Things like contact information, assessment standards, follow up techniques, scheduling tools etc must be organised and prepared aptly.

Knowledge sharing
The wellness sector in India is a booming one and most of the market is untapped. The only reason behind such a huge potential is that the public lacks awareness regarding the products and the services. Share as much knowledge as you can with your target audience to add value to your brand. Blog often or conduct workshops. These activities will automatically increase the credibility of the website and the business in future.

Stating the motto of your wellness business
The website will need proper content as per the business. All you need to do is to find the right words that will suit the reader’s aesthetics. Try to be straightforward regarding the message of your business. The reading time should not be high, but the website must have retention properties to keep the visitors busy in search of good knowledge. The offerings and point of interests should be absolutely clear and visible.

The website of the wellness business should base on networking with other potential professionals from the same industry. Publishing their thoughts and knowledge regarding products and services or linking with their blogs will earn good ratings in the search engines. This will enable the website to get better attention from the prospective leads. The web page will also appear at the top of the search results which will increase the traffic visiting the platform.

Benefits highlighted
The viewers will spend very little time navigating the website. This means that you will have very little time to utilise and convert the leads. So the only thing to focus deeply is the section of benefits. Whether you sell products or provide wellness service, you need to focus precisely on the benefits the customers will get. This will be an important driving factor that will escalate the effectiveness of the lead conversions strategies.

Page hierarchy
The pages in your website must be well-set so that the hierarchy influences the viewer in a positive way. From home page to contact page, the presentation of the website must be proper.

Perfection is the key
Publishing inaccurate information will be a blunder that may take down your website page rating singlehandedly. You should provide correct information and proofread the content before it is published. Periodic checking is necessary to update the pages.

The website must be responsive and fast. As per a statistical study, 88% of the viewers tend to negate the value of the brand when the website is slow in response. Most of them will revert to the competitor’s webpage. Try to make the website compatible with all devices and less clumsy. Justin Smith, the CEO, OuterBox, said in his official blog "If you plan on running a successful eCommerce website, or any website, you absolutely must cater to mobile users".

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