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16 & 17, 2013,

Hotel Lalit, Mumbai

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200+ SME Suppliers, 70+ Industry Experts,
1000+ Award Nominations, One Mega Show!

4th Annual National Convention on Small Business

Mr. Anupam Bansal
Executive Director,
Liberty Shoes

Mr. Bansal is an Economics graduate from Delhi's Shri Ram College of Commerce with a background in footwear designing from Ars Sutoria School in Italy. After occupying various positions of responsibility in the marketing division, he currently heads the organisation as the Executive Director. His association with the Liberty brand is in his own words 'a journey of personal discovery and professional evolution'.

To him goes the credit for taking the initiative in creating a retail team for Liberty footwear. Mr. Bansal added a new proposition to Liberty which had always been perceived as a family footwear brand that offered the best value for money. Today it is also perceived as a lifestyle brand for those who see themselves as inseparable from the latest trends, global class and tasteful appreciation of beauty. This association was underlined by the inspiration the brand drew from the works of some of the foremost fashion designers in the country.


Gaurav Marya,
Chairman, Franchise India

The greatest challenge of running a small business is breaking the mindset of thinking small.

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