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Feb, 04 2017


Bhawana Acharya, MD, Taj Eduglobe, speaks about the specially designed learning processes in education that leads to a stress-free environment for students


Revolutionize the world of education by introducing techniques and services that help students achieving the best they can and choose the careers, which are best suited for them and actually meant for them.


En route to demeanor the best products for students all across India to support them and help them in recognizing their strengths and going beyond their limitations, which will guide them in choosing and selecting the best of varied fields of education.

What is Taj Eduglobe? How it is different from other education players?

Taj Eduglobe is a one-stop solution for students. We offer a learning process, which leads to a stress-free environment for students and strengthens the rela­tionship among parents, teachers and children. Our services, includes Discover Brain MET -- it is one of the techniques to memorize what children study in a short period of time and recall what they have studied easily. We also offer Discover Brain DMIT and Discover Brain Psychometric test.

Our services and products have been appreci­ated all over India by reputed schools. Our existing franchisees all across the nation are dedicated to provide our services under the brand name Discover Brain to help India reap the education demographic dividend.

How significant is franchising?

Franchising helps in spreading the network without ambiguity. It gives a platform to interact and showcase with transparency. However, Taj Eduglobe does not just extend its brand name, but also extends trained and ef­fective manpower support, rental support to the franchise partners and also gets completely involved in marketing and branding of the products in order to help the partners in the growth of their business.

What are your expansion and growth plans?

Currently, we have around 250 centres across India, and we are looking at 5,000 outlets in the next five years. Our vision is to reach out to 10 lakh students through our concepts.

What criteria you follow in selecting a franchisee?

We look at people with an edu­cational background. We select partners, who have the under­standing of our out-of-the-box concept, and have an open-mind. We provide them training on our basic concepts and products.

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