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Mar, 03 2016

Gray Matter- Give It a Good Shake

Majority of Indian youth is facing the 'problem' of choosing a solid career option, Taj Eduglobe Ltd aims to evaluate aptitude, core competency and interest level through its distinguish programmes.

People remember the first man who landed on moon, the first one who conquered the Himalayas. No one remembers the man who was close second. That's reality. Imagine, if Sachin Tendulkar tried to follow those careers instead of playing cricket? More than on an individual level, it would have been a national loss! Everyone has a winning streak in them which is not similar to the other one.

IRONICALLY, majority of Indian youth is facing the 'problem' of choosing a solid career option, hard to believe as it may sound in today's economy. However, for college going student or anyone facing a career choice, it can be an anxiety-producing situation. The most common advice that comes from family and friends, if a career has not been forced under a young child's throat already is to ‘follow your passion.’ However, what if you don't really have an obvious passion? Despite the many resources available in high school and college, it can seem like an overwhelming challenge to choose a career path.

Media has raving reports stating that the job market is looking up. The BFSI and IT sectors being the all time darling with 16 per cent and 32 per cent growth respectively. The manufacturing sector which closed the last fiscal at 18 per cent also has new hopes thanks to the ‘Make in India, push. The cherry on the pie is off course the online firms which broken its previous records by recruiting a whopping 85 per cent. What we are trying to do by discussing these figures is to drive home the fact that job opportunities are boundless. Are the youth of the country ready for it?

Bridging the gap

Every year 30 lakh graduates join the workforce, however, only 5 lakh prove to be employable. By 2025, India is expected to contribute 25 per cent of global workforce. Therefore, the magnitude of the challenge is enormous. Given the situation, do we have the time to waste for careers that are not meant for us? No way. The present generation is also shaking off traditional academic career and taking up more off beat and new age vocations. Education counselors have made it happen. Not just for the career aspirants and their parents, this has also been a boon for the job market. The industry can now get well motivated skilled workforce who can make constructive contribution towards the growth of the industry.

Making a difference in children's career

Every individual should be allotted work that compliments their core competency. How to identify the core competency of an individual? This is where Taj Eduglobe Ltd comes into play. Taj Eduglobe Ltd endeavors to bring out the best in an individual by evaluating his/ her aptitude, core competency and interest level. In the tryst to cater to the education industry as a whole, Taj Eduglobe Ltd initially focused on aspects such as promoting practices that lead to quality education through workshops and seminars conducted in collaboration with various school authorities. Their other services include education consultancy, teachers training programs, retailing school uniforms and accessories et al. Their educational magazine, The Eduglobe caters to the entire academic world. Taj Eduglobe Ltd is also an Information Technology service provider and also gives ISO Certification to Education Industry. Operating under the brand name of Discover Brain, Taj Eduglobe Ltd leverages services such as Psychometric, Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligences Test (DMIT), Mark Enhancement Techniques.

Where we are headed

Taj Eduglobe Ltd is the brain child of Bhupendra Acharya, a man with a vision. Referred to as the wizard owl by his colleagues, Acharya has a penchant for innovation and desire to serve the society. Though not from a business family, he has a very strong acumen and spark that makes him a people\s person. Taj Eduglobe Ltd comes from the same zeal to serve people. The newbie that took its baby step in 2015, is poised to revolutionize the education sector. It brings in a more aesthetic approach towards the aspiration of the youth in the country vis-à-vis the demand supply gap in the job market.

Acharya is joined by Bhawna Sharma in his mission. Sharma, in the capacity of the Managing Director has introduced the innovative concepts such as Psychometric tests, DMIT and METs. “These programs are tried and tested ones that are in practice in countries like America, Korea and China. They are mostly used for athletes in the developed countries,”explains Sharma.

What started off with a group of four people grew into a robust organization that was 500 people strong within just one year of its operation. The company has to its credit getting 110 franchisees up and running in 110 days.

Aptly explained by Bhawna Sharma, Managing Director, Taj Eduglobe Ltd, “We try to bring out the best in every student by identifying their strengths, their inherent qualities and their grasping power thereby helping them to understand how to score better marks and make their dreams come true. So, we look at a stress free approach to the education system.”

Further, she says, “We always visualized a world where children grow up to become strong and confident individuals with no doubts and confusions in their minds regarding their real and innate potential and that is what made us determined to make our mark in the education industry.”

Making Career Counseling Less

Taj Eduglobe Ltd provides various services under Discover Brain. Discover Brain Psychometric test is based on RIASEC, a model designed by John L. Holland, which refers to the test of measuring an individual's relevant and present state of strengths and weaknesses. Every individual is born with eight Multiple Intelligences, which talk about their inherent strengths and weaknesses. Psychometric test, on the other hand, helps individuals to discover and understand their present distribution of Multiple Intelligences. Psychometric test (RIASEC Theory) helps to understand whether one is realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising or conventional.

Discover Brain DMIT (Dermato-glyphics Multiple Intelligences Test) is basically the study of fingerprints. As fingerprints are unique for every individual and are an external representation of gene, the Multiple Intelligences Distribution is also unique for each individual. They believe that it helps to understand the inborn grasping power and also nourishes students to pave their career paths, which is based on their strength and gives remedial measures to overcome their weaknesses.

METs (Mark Enhancement Techniques), is specially designed to train oneself to memorize and recall what you see, listen, smell and taste. Memory can be developed like muscles and these techniques help to improve the power of memorizing and recalling. A 16 to 22 hours training is given to the students to understand and enhance their recalling power, which helps to improvise the ability to recall things and obtain better marks. The counselors at Taj Eduglobe Ltd. are highly qualified and refined with a great in depth knowledge. They specialize in specific courses to help the students with their careers. They are a team of experts belonging to different niche areas like Medicine, Psychology, Law, Writing, etc.

The company treats competition as a stepping stone and a way to learn and perform better. In a typical franchisee module, the responsibility of the franchisor comes to an end after the franchisee agreement is signed. Speaking on the same note, Bhupendra Acharya, Chairman, Taj Eduglobe Ltd, says “We as a franchisor believe in holding hands throughout and working as a team. Even after the break even, we work together as a team and visit different seminars, schools and institutions etc to keep the growth flourishing our business”.

Making it big with franchise partners

When the right people meet at the right place and right time, phenomenal success is bound to follow. And who knows it better than the Taj Eduglobe Ltd family that is adding new members every day. The company is discreet about what they want from their franchise partners. They call it three Is-investment, interest and involvement. In return they get an amazing support system which goes much beyond just signing the franchise agreement and taking their share of profit every month.

For starters, the company provides a rental guarantee of 100 per cent till break even; the rentals are shared between the franchisee and the franchisor on a 50:50 basis. It also provides one per cent sales guarantee to franchisees till the time of breakeven. The company further supports the franchisees in terms of manpower, marketing, branding or after sales service. The company provides six employees to the master franchisees and one employee to the franchisees, which are under the payroll of the franchisor. It is an ongoing process and advertising is done by the principal company itself.

Acharya admits, “We have been lucky to have franchise partners. We have received total participation from their side. We have even been able to break even for some of our franchisees with in six months.” The company has 250 franchisees all over India in addition to 161 franchisees and 3000 sub-franchisees only in Mumbai.

Taj Eduglobe Ltd entrusts that the world of education needs to be stress-free for children. Sharma says, “Our first step towards this mammoth task is to conduct a complimentary Discover Brain Psychometric Test for 10 crore children/ students across India in a span of five years, which will help them come face to face with their inherent and acquired strengths and weaknesses. We feel proud in expressing that we have completed conducting 200,000 plus Discover Brain Psychometric test till date”.

Taj Eduglobe Ltd plans to open 150 franchisees in Mumbai, 80 in Pune and 250 in Delhi and NCR, comprising a total of 1,500 franchises by the end of this year. Talking about their commendable growth Acharya added, “We have formed 150 franchises and 11 master franchises in just 110 days that are up and running.”

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