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Dec, 17 2016


STUDIO.J, a design business venture founded by Jenny Andrews in 2010 to provide creative design solutions, has emerged as India’s leading retail design & visual merchandising company with an outstanding track record since inception. Jenny Andrews, Founder...

How important are VM and design solutions for modern retailers?

If you look at the entire market, there is a huge cult of growth. And we are looking at a very dynamic space. Besides, there is a huge rush to get the customer attention. With such dynamic market conditions right now, it is very important that each brand or product should have its own USP when it comes to visual appeal. Today, as the customers are extremely exposed to the international market and are very well-travelled, they demand the same experience here. Keeping all these things in mind, design is a ‘must-to-do’ for every brand who wants to gain a significant market share.

What kind of solutions do youoffer to retailers?

Retail has undergone a substantial transformation as far as socio-psychological parameters are concerned. What used to be utility-oriented, today needs an emotional connect. What was known as a reliable store, today needs to be a brand destination. Our experience of the past decade enables us to create these transformations while retaining the core values of any business house intact.

Design is a science in itself and retail design today comprises of lighting design, store design, fixture design, visual merchandising & visual communication. We are a one-stop shop for all these solutions.

What are the current trends that you are witnessing in this space?

We are looking at more digital technology. Even in retail, we need to integrate digital experience through cutting edge technology solutions, whether it is about maximizing walk-ins or increasing sales conversion. Expectations for customer experience are different now, too, in part because of how millennial engage with the process. They grew up using the internet and mobile technology, and they don’t have patience for inefficient procedures. Digital experience, appears to be more in demand to engage customer interface within store to give a sense of freedom and more effective and fast information. Hence, retailers need to connect with modern customer expectations and provide experiences that engage the consumer, or risk falling behind.

Are your solutions customized according to each category or segment that retailers operate in?

We focus on bringing out the individualistic identity of each brand we work for by creating designs and visual materials that best enhance the brand character. The key to the success of STUDIO.J, is our in-depth understanding of different cultures and design ideologies and a constantly evolving learning curve adapted from changes in times and technology. We process the entire project phase by phase for the brand to create retail designs that spell magic visually and functionally.

To customize our solutions, we need to understand the short-term and long-term goals that the brand wants to achieve. After doing extensive research, we are able to plug in the required point which is very relevant to the customer need and to provide the right kind of solutions.

How often should a retailer review the retail design solutions employed?

Brands will have to do a lot of innovative things constantly to stand out of the competition. In retail, you have to have constant story-telling and communication to engage with the customer. Visual merchandising, communication with the customer, getting the customer interface – all these things have to happen constantly within the store design and store space to ensure that you actually engage and retain customer.

Who are your main clients?

We have been associated with some of the leading brands in the retail industry such as Tanishq, Enamor, Lifestyle, Puma, Lee, Café Coffee Day, among others.

What are your future plans?

We are in the process of scaling up and are looking to tie-up in international markets including Middle East and China. Besides, we are looking to develop experiential design to the next level.

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