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Dec, 07 2010

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Aloha has taken giant strides and widen its reach to 23 countries with 4,300 centres and four million students. It's the first Indian company to have evolved into an ISO 9001:2008 certification in the field of Abacus education. In an interaction with Aman

Throw some light on the genesis of Aloha India.

Aloha India is the subsidiary of Aloha International (Malaysia), a global leader in advanced mental arithmetic programmes specially designed for children in the 6 to 13 years' age span. Essentially, the Aloha programmes are nothing but scientific brain development techniques that unveil the infinite potential of the human brain and its effective use.

What is the USP of Aloha India? How is it different from other educational institutes?

What makes us different is our curriculum, methodology, strong support systems, respect for people, continuous improvement, implementation of new ideas and a win-win business model.

What types of programmes do you offer?

Our programmes are classified into three different ways:

  • Multi-activity centre  Aloha Mental Arithmetic, Tiny Tot, Kids Art
  • After-school programme  Aloha write right, Speed maths, English smart
  • Preschool  Aloha Kinderstart (Playgroup, Nursery, KG)

What motivated you to get into franchising?

One reason for franchising's success is its versatility. Not only can this concept be adapted to serve optimally as the distribution channel for various industry sectors but it can also accommodate various expansion models. We are targeting more than 2,400 centres through the franchise route.

What are your requirements from your franchisees?

Our franchisees should possess a flair for entrepreneurship and positive attitude towards work while maintaining quality and a keen interest in developing education service for children. They could be graduates looking to launch their careers but should be self-employed as well.

What training and support do you provide to the franchisees and their faculties?

Aloha India offers continuous support to its franchisee through:

Franchise management system (FMS): The franchisees will be provided with web-based software to manage and operate staff

Franchise orientation programme: The orientation programme enhances the franchisees and his key personnel at the corporate/regional office on sales, marketing and operation

Marketing support: Marketing collateral such as brochure/leaflet, posters, bus panel, paper advertisement, audio-visual ad, etc will be developed and designed by the company for all franchisees

SOP: Manual for standard operating procedure, which is ideal for layout and furniture specification, stock, front office maintenance, housekeeping and customer service

To beat cut-throat competition in abacus training industry, what strategies are you devising?

We always work on four P strategies (price, product, place and promotion) and our strategic plan always insist on customer's needs and exceeding customer expectations.

How many franchised centres have you planned to open by the year-end?

By year 2011, we are planning to open more than 200 centres across India. We have expansion plans in Bihar, Himachal, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh which are still untapped.

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