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Apr, 01 2007

The multifaceted franchise head

He selects the right partners and forms a strong team

A Franchise Head should have an eagle’s eye to identify and select the right partners to form
a strong team and deliver efficiently to both investor and the company.

INNOVATIVE entrepreneurs establish a new system because they believe that they have created a formula that is truly unique. The development of a new system's operating cost may be high for the entrepreneur, but once developed they can be replicated in multiple locations at a low additional cost. By the time he considers franchising, the entrepreneur has already developed a superior outlet-operation system. Though relocating these systems in additional outlets would incur little additional cost, the faster they are created, the greater are the chances that the chain would reach a scale to promote its brand name competitively before competitors can copy its outlet operations.

One of the main elements associated with franchising is the franchisor's ability to exercise significant control over the franchisee's operation throughout the entire franchise network. With consistency comes expectation, and if the expectation is met consistently in a positive way, then each unit offers support to others in the network by way of driving traffic across all the units.

This formula is fine when reviewed theoretically, but when it comes to implementation, the franchisor is head deep in various activities of business development, and he has little time to actually forward and implement his system effectively. This is where the franchise head comes.

The franchise head and his role

The Franchise head is the most important interlink between the investor and the company. He plays a crucial role in establishing a successful franchise, as it is around that axis that a franchise revolves. He is the first point of contact between the franchisee and the franchisor and also a strong link for future bonding. The growth and accomplishment of an investor depends largely upon the franchising head of the company, as he is the one who structures the company and introduces it to the investor.

  1. Business knowledge
    Being the face of the company, his strategies, skills and knowledge about the business should be very strong and it has to be investor-focused. It is the head of a franchise that puts the investor in the comfort level. Where in, he is ready to rely on the company and benefit from it. His typical characteristics would include, enthusiasm, motivation and dynamic personality and should prove to be a mentor to his franchisees.
  2. Business growth
    The franchise head is also accountable for the franchisee's business growth and de-growth. He has to ensure brand value, equity, vertical as well as horizontal growth, simultaneously, and support throughout the value chain.
  3. Building trust
    Another responsibility is to create a successful channel to be able to reach out to the consumers in the market. Creating a franchise network is no easy job and involves a series of tasks to be able to do it successfully. To be able to sell franchises, a company must first be trustworthy in the eyes of its prospective buyers. Back ground of the promoters, number of years in business, past financial performance, market creditability, number of outlets, consumer awareness of the brand, etc, play an important role in building trust.
  4. Distinctive
    In addition to trustworthiness, a franchisor must be sufficiently distinctive from its competitors. This distinctiveness can be maintained by him through distinctive products or services, reduced investment
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