FRO 2020

India's Biggest Business Opportunity Expo

26th September, 2020 - 10:00 AM Virtual Expo

India's #1 Franchise Expo is Back on Virtual Platform

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India's Biggest Business Opportunity Expo

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About event

FROEXPO Virtual - 121st National Franchise & Retail Show

We’re no stranger to the fact that there have been many sudden changes to our lifestyles and business operations. Like you, we’re working on a way to keep things moving and are coming up with First ever FROEXPO – Virtual to keep up with these changing times.

FROEXPO has operated uninterrupted for 16 years. Our exhibitions have benefitted over 370,000 business investors with over 500+ shows held both in India and overseas. In 2019 alone, we assisted over 1000 companies and over 1,75,000 visitors.

For nearly 22 years, Franchise India Exhibitions has brought qualified entrepreneurs to brick and mortar events. We’ll continue to drive leads to our exhibitors – digitally in the safest way possible since we know engaging with quality prospects is important to your business at this time.

How The Investors Will Benefit By Attending The Virtual Expo?

  • Start a new Business with Ease of digital
  • Meet franchise professionals and experts through one-to-one Chat, audio/video calls
  • 100+ Business Opportunities in adversity
  • Explore business options from all industries & investments ranges
  • Take an informed decision to start your own business - Download unlimited Interactive Content by Brands
  • Attend Franchise & Small Business Summit and learn about latest business trends and changes from industry experts
  • Reach more Brands across India without excessive costs and travel time

Conference Agenda

26th September, 2020
10:15 AM - 10:45 AM Session 1: Business 101 Welcome Note by Gaurav Marya, Chairman, Franchise India Group
10:45 – 11:30 Session 2: HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT FRANCHISE Session Highlights:
  • How to decide what Business you should start?
  • Types of entrepreneurship and evaluating which option is best for you
  • Factors to consider before taking over an existing business
  • Points/checklist to consider while deciding the right franchise
  • Things to look out for in a Business you want to invest in
  • What do franchisors look for in a prospective franchisee?
  • Preparing a business plan, understanding your financial capabilities and going for it
  • Finding more about your preferred franchisor before signing the agreement
AshitaMarya, CEO, Franchise India
11:30 – 12:30 Session 3 : TOP EMERGING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Session Highlights:
  • What are the best franchise ideas based on the current pandemic situation
  • From start-up to scale-up: How to think big, aim high to grow your business
  • How to ensure your organisation is truly customer-centric
  • What are the best practices for franchisees and franchisors
  • Franchise Trends to watch out in 2020 and beyond

How Lenskart has revolutionized the Eyewear Franchise Industry
Amit Chaudhary, Chief Operating Officer, Lenskart Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Looking to Enter the Healthcare Sector? Invest in Home Care Services Business
Kevin Lewis, CEO – Caremark International

Gaining Tidy Profits in the Laundry Business via Franchising
Arunabh Sinha, Founder & CEO, UClean

Why cloud kitchen and food delivery are great business models
Harshil Jitendra Amin, Director & Founder, Patel’s Chhappanbhog

How Car Detailing service is becoming a profitable auto business
M S Dhheeraj, Founder & CEO, Amigo Auto Spa

How mentoring can bring exponential growth to your business?

Sales 101
  • How to accelerate your sales and realistically make money?
  • Insights on the skills and sales process you need to be on the horizon of today’s business landscape
Sanjay Chaturvedi, Business Coach, ActionCOACH

Marketing 101
  • New age marketing techniques to effectively market and innovate your product/service offerings, in turn engaging the audience
  • Turn your marketing into an investment instead of an expense
ShajiKuriakose, Business Coach, ActionCOACH

Business Management 101
  • How to manage the processes in your business and align your team to stay motivated and productive?
  • How to systemise your business, leverage your time and maximise efficiency to provide consistent results?
Ashok Samsi, Business Coach, ActionCOACH

14:30 – 15:00 Session 5: HOW TECHNOLOGY CAN HELP SMALL BUSINESS Pugal.T, Senior Consultant, Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Leaving your business can be emotional and overwhelming, so planning a proper exit strategy requires diligence in time and care.

Exit plans are necessary to secure a business owner’s financial future, but many don’t think to establish one until they’re ready to leave. Exit plans take into account not only the segueing business owner, but the customers, employees, and investors, as well.

Establishing an exit strategy is not usually the first thing entrepreneurs think to do when starting a business. However, when it comes time to leave, having a solid plan in place helps ensure a successful financial future.

Session Highlights:
  • Six steps towards planning the right exit strategy for your business
  • Changing the mindset involved and redefining the future of the business
  • Why is it important to get a business valuation performed?
  • Steps involved in developing your exit plan
  • Choosing the best exit strategy that fits your goals and expectations
  • Weighing your options: closing vs. selling
  • When and why to sell your business to a new owner?
  • When and why to liquidate and close down the business?
  • Know what the business is truly worth- Do your due diligence
  • How to navigate among the different funding options available?
  • Drafting the sales agreement
Gaurav Marya, Chairman, Franchise India Group

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