Conference Agenda

02nd December, 2022
Welcome Note: Ritu Marya, Editor in Chief, Franchise India & IndianRetailer
11:00 - 11:20 Session I: Key Note
11:20 - 12:15 Building a Franchise Brand in Bharat
Panel Discussion
How to Expand as a Brand & Grow in India through franchising

Session Highlights:
  • Hear from Successful Franchisees on how they grew their business Growing from 1 to 10 units & creating infrastructure to support 20-30 units
  • Maintaining system standards and protecting the brand
  • Outsourcing Why, When, What, and How
  • The Ins & Outs of Building a Business & Brand Partnerships
  • Franchising your way to success: Managing aspirations & conflicts in channel expansion.
  • How to Build value for partners
12:15 - 12:35 Session II: Key Note
Structures and Operational Strategies for Successful Expansion within Bharat by

India is today Emerging as the 3rd Largest Consumer Market in the World and there is Big opportunity to be captured in the heartland of India
12:35 - 13:00 Key Note
The A to Zs of Buying a Franchise. Selecting a business and be legally right

Session Highlights:
  • Points to consider while deciding the right franchisee
  • Things to look out for a potential franchisor/franchisee
  • Finding the right franchiser for business
13:00 - 14:15 LUNCH BREAK
Panel Discussion
Tomorrow, Today: How to Think Exponentially Growth Hacking For Your Business with External capital

Session Highlights:
  • How do early stage VC’s/ Angels identify where the investments should go: Sectoral trends and identifying small opportunities for starting up?
  • How Start-ups and VC’s/Angels work together: less pressures, more productivity?
  • Investment trends across Real Estate Asset Classes
  • Funding 101: Navigating the VC and Angel Landscape in Consumer business
  • What Investors Really Want to See & Hear
  • Emerging Investment themes considering the COVID disruption and current economic scenario

15:00- 16:00 SESSION IV: New-Age Businesses Ideas for 21st Century
The Future of Businesses in Present times.

Session Highlights:
  • How modern-day businesses are brand and community-led, asset light and a platform of change and yet accelerating growth and disrupting industries.
  • How the entrepreneurial environment is boosting hyperlocal opportunities.
  • The Innovative Business Ideas for 2021 and beyond
  • The New world opportunities Electric vehicles to dark kitchens, Healthtech , EdTech co-working /co-living ,Waste Management, Ecommerce & D2C is the latest buzz, are you benefiting?
03rd December, 2022
10:30 - 11:20 SESSION I: Consumer Experience 101: New Relationship between
Consumers & Retail Brands & Experience Stores

Session Highlights:
  • How, When, Where, and Why of the Indian Consumer
  • The Big collaboration: How brands-retailers-franchise partners-shopping centers are creating a collaborative ecosystem
  • How are Retail Brands constantly innovating to deliver breakthrough & customer-friendly stores?
  • The New experience store outlook as Brands go Omnichannel
  • Winning Marketing Strategies This Festive Season

11:20 - 12:10 SESSION II: The Retail of Out of Home Entertainment
As we are opening up, Out of home entertainment industry is heating up again. With young Indian Consumers. The whole FEM is enticing and mouth-watering for restaurants, Cinemas, Entertainment zones,

Session Highlights:
  • Business Strategies for maximizing revenue & profitability for restaurant Business partner
  • Casual dining, QSR, fast-casual, Cafes – Transforming Business formats
  • Food & Leisure: How big brands are transforming their in-store experience from Food to Leisure
  • How will food enhance the customer experience in new lifestyle destinations - New formats, new destinations: how will FEM revitalize the new urban landscape?
  • How Retail Destinations discovered New Love with FEM

12:10 - 12:45 SESSION III: Beauty & Wellness in the new World

Session Highlights:
  • Making wellness, salon, and spa accessible - Expansion in Tier I and Tier III markets through partnerships and real estate collaborations
  • Mastering your SOPs and leveraging your Beauty and Wellness Brand to grow
  • Benefits of associating with a Global Brand in 2021
  • How wellness pharmacy, Ayurveda initiatives, and programs are enhancing the consumer experience
  • Social commerce in Beauty & Wellness + more

12:45 -13:30 SESSION IV: Understanding the Direct to Consumer Market Opportunity

Session Highlights:
  • Why are brands going D2C: Strategies, challenges, and opportunities
  • The booming e-commerce industry
  • D2C and the consumer-brand relationship
  • How brands can open up new revenue streams using D2C strategies and gain customer loyalty much more quickly and efficiently
  • Benefits of onboarding the D2C model

13:30 - 14:30 NETWORKING LUNCH
14:30 - 16:00 SESSION V: How Retail Real Estate Business is Transforming?

Session Highlights:
  • Current trends shaping the Retail Real Estate in India
  • The reinvention of the retail and lifestyle destinations including Retail Real Estate Malls, Shopping Centre, Co-working, Transit retail, Standalone Retail
  • How brand strategies differ in neighborhood malls v/s high-streets
  • Big gains in neighborhood retail real estate
  • New leasing models and revenue sharing models
  • Rental Costs/ Operation Cost for High Streets and Neighborhood malls
  • New Development in Mixed-Use Commercial Spaces.

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