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12 | 13 October Pragati Maidan,
New Delhi, India
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Rajeev Baid Founder & Managing Director, Chaichun

A very young and enthusiastic entrepreneur, Mr. Rajeev Baid is an iconic tea industrialist who in a very short span of time has made his mark in the industry. From a tea vendor in the railway stations and bus stops in Kishanganj, Bihar, Rajeev Baid has established himself as an iconic visionary in the tea industry. With his bold and brave decision making power he has bought many revolution in the industry. He is the owner of various bought- leaf tea factories in Bengal and Bihar which produces about 13 million kgs of teas annually. With in-depth knowledge and industry expertise, his contribution to the domestic and international tea market has been significant.

With his vision to make a mark in the tea industry and prepare it for the future generation, he launched Chai Chun - an exclusive tea boutique that is on its way to expanding its retail footprint across India. A tea connoisseur himself, Rajeev is constantly looking for ways bring about innovation in tea, striving to serve the Indian palate the best in each sip. Committed to strengthening the connection between the people who grow tea and the people who drink the final blend, that making the perfect cup of tea is an art in itself, invigorating the senses and inspiring experiences with its distinct flavors. Then he came up with the Tea Cafe, CHAI RASA where he came up with the concept of tea innovations. The current project he is working for is CHAI VEDA. Being an young tea entrepreneur, it his dream to literate young minds with Tea Education and let them know the resources we have and how they can develop their own business with tea.