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Bahamian - India business tie-up

Tags: Bertha Cooper-Rousseau, Franchise India, Women Entrepreneur, Business, Sapna Bhardwaj

February 07, 2012 | COMMENTS ( 0 )

Bertha M. Cooper-Rousseau a successful entrepreneur of Bahamans is here in India to see the likelihood of her business expansion. A keen learner, she states at present she is more interested learning as to how business happens in India and thereafter once done with the learning process she is eager to explore the Indian market. On being asked about the challenges faced by women, she asserts the challenges are the same, be it here or in the Bahamans. She also states that the presence of SME is very dominant in her country as well. Her visit to India at present is absolutely business oriented wherein she intends to meet legal partners and collaborative associates.

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