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What education should serve in the 21st century ?

Tags: Gowri Ishwaran Franchise India , GELF , Education, Globailisation

August 20, 2011 | COMMENTS ( 0 )

The articulate Gowri put forward a very beautiful and different thought-provoking topic. With the entire world going professional and busy with the corporate saga,global powers,world summits and India shinning and all the inspiring fabrication of words.She affirmed the world in general and India in particular seems to be forgetting what the Indian Education system should be and what it should stand for.With the human race being sophisticated and exhibiting the knowhow of the term like globalization,what is important is the understanding that how will the future of India, ie., the children deal with the challenges of globalization, as globalization is no longer a buzz word , it has happened and is currently happening.She highlighted that children’s attitudes should be moulded in a civilized way with emphasis to be given to charisma, personality , articulation and people handling skills and not mere academics.

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