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Ashwin Raguraman at Entrepreneur India 2011

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January 07, 2013 | COMMENTS ( 0 )

Speaking on Entrepreneur India 2011, Ashwin spoke about his experience as a part of the Entrepreneur community. He stated he had joined NASCOM at a stage when NASCOM decided to put out this fund to support early stage entrepreneurs, technology entrepreneurs with innovative technology but needed support at the early stage from capital and mentoring perspective. To be able to convert an innovative technology into successful venture business he moved into NASCOM to operationalise the fund and to create it. He headed the innovation initiative at Nascom and he was involved with the fund and the start up community. He further highlighted the industry and the kind of start up business which his organisation supported. Intellectual property was looked upon as a criterion which was on the priority. It is a great sign that entrepreneurship is starting and kicking in India with the Indian entrepreneur being more innovative enlightened Ashwin.

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