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How JetSetGo is redefining the private aviation business in India

How JetSetGo is redefining the priv

Kanika Tekriwal, Co-Founder and CEO, JetSetGo  |  COMMENTS ( 0 )  |

JetSetGo is a multi-faceted organization focused on delivering innovative and transformational solutions to the general aviation industry....

How Globalite Retail became youth's preferred sports lifestyle brand

How Globalite Retail became youth's

Aayushi Kishore, Co-founder and CEO, Globalite Sport  |  COMMENTS ( 0 )  |

Globalite is a sports lifestyle brand, which comprises lifestyle footwear and apparels, with a price range starting from Rs 499 to Rs 1,499....

Finding dance fans in India is a big challenge: Madhuri Dixit-Nene

Finding dance fans in India is a bi

Madhuri Dixit-Nene, Founder, Dance with Madhuri  |  COMMENTS ( 0 )  |

'We are going to take DWM global. We are in discussion with people in US, UK and South America to push this project very quickly.'...

How Ishveen Anand strives to make a difference in Indian sports sponsorship industry

How Ishveen Anand strives to make a

Ishveen Anand, Founder, OpenSponsorship  |  COMMENTS ( 0 )  |

Ishveen Anand believes in working hard. She has herself played sport all her life - netball and cricket in particular....

How Krishna Bisht's Mahila Haat is empowering women in rural areas

How Krishna Bisht's Mahila Haat is

Krishna Bisht, Founder, Mahila Haat  |  COMMENTS ( 0 )  |

Bisht's vision to strengthen the marginalised women artisans by providing them skill development trainings....

How Rashi Choudhary is living her dream with LocalBanya

How Rashi Choudhary is living her d

Rashi Choudhary, Co-Founder and COO, LocalBanya.com  |  COMMENTS ( 0 )  |

Rashi Choudhary, Co-Founder & COO of LocalBanya.com unravels her entrepreneurial journey....

Meet Lisa Srao, founder of the fastest growing liquor start-up in India

Meet Lisa Srao, founder of the fast

Lisa Srao, Founder, I Brands Beverage Ltd  |  COMMENTS ( 0 )  |

Being a women, Lisa Srao, founder of I Brands Beverage Ltd, encountered all the criticisms and dared to venture into the liquor industry...

People at the Forefront

People at the Forefront

Yeshasvini Ramaswamy   |  COMMENTS ( 1 )  |

A die-hard entrepreneur, Yeshasvini helps people define what true entrepreneurship is and what it takes to be the leader and unveils some of the...

A Sweet Success!

A Sweet Success!

Saroj Samtani, Director, HangOut  |  COMMENTS ( 1 )  |

If you are passionate about something, their story will inspire you − it is the journey of ordinary people achieving extraordinary goals. Saroj...

Making Success through Households

Making Success through Households

Debadutta Upadhyaya   |  COMMENTS ( 0 )  |

The all-time tussle to maintain a balance between work and family life for a working woman has finally come to an end with Timesaverz.com. Debadutta...

Education Beyond Classrooms

Education Beyond Classrooms

Tabassum Modi  |  COMMENTS ( 1 )  |

The entrepreneurial venture, recognised in India and across the globe, reinvigorates education in three million school-going children in simple yet...

Offering lifestyle to children

Offering lifestyle to children

Aditi Binani, Director, KinderHomes  |  COMMENTS ( 4 )  |

Slamming the fact that children have little say in their own living, Aditi Binani and Kulin Parikh, (now the directors of Kinder Homes), embarked on a...

Flavours & Spices: Konkan Spices and Curry Makers

Flavours & Spices: Konkan Spices an

Balbina Carmen Pinto, Founder, KSC  |  COMMENTS ( 2 )  |

While tickling your taste buds with its various spice formulations, the brand has in a short time competes with other brands on kitchen shelves....

Counseling Re-defined

Counseling Re-defined

Surabhi Dewra, Founder and Lead, MeraCareerGuide.com  |  COMMENTS ( 3 )  |

Saurabhi Dewra derived a unique way of educating students by an online medium known as MeraCareerGuide.com. It is a unique platform to impart...

Crafted her way up

Crafted her way up

Tushina Goyal, Founder, Tushina  |  COMMENTS ( 0 )  |

A NIFT graduate carved out a career out of crafting personalised products for children. Tushina Goyal, the founder of Tushina, within no time, became...

Passion for fashion

Passion for fashion

Mrs Arti Mehra, Fashion Designer  |  COMMENTS ( 0 )  |

Being born in a fashion family, for Arti Mehra her affinity towards garments came naturally. Creating the brand-Study by Janak has been a long road....

Financing the poor

Financing the poor

Vinatha M Reddy, Founder, Grameen Koota   |  COMMENTS ( 0 )  |

Microfinance institutions have proved to be a boon for the poor who have aspired to stand on their own by giving them micro-credits without any credit...