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Tips to enhance Brand Visibility

Have your customers seen your productor have you made efforts to put your brandís name and image before your customers eye every time they step out

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BY Entrepreneur  |  Jan 23, 2010 comments ( 0 ) |

Studies show that greater the brand visibility, the greater are the chances that your products get sold as the greater is the brand retention in the minds of the customers. For increasing the sales of your products, you need to put these before the people so that they gain inquisitiveness and eagerness to know more about them. “Keep the images in attracting and tempting colours to create excitement among your customers” mentions, Tarun Garg, Managing Director,  KonsultingIT


The following are a few tips, which will help you in making your brand visible before your prospects:-


1. Promotional festival gifts- In a place like India where there are many festivals celebrated throughout the year, you can take benefit of them to promote your business through gifts, cards, e-cards, mails, cakes, dry fruits, etc


2. Television Ads- In this most widely used means to make your product visible to your customers, you can develop an effective and an attractive ad to show your product features and benefits. You could also sponsor social welfare and awareness messages through ads to enhance viewer visibility, something which Aditya Birla Group’s Idea Cellular does by associating itself with forest conservation.


3. Newspaper, magazine and journals add- You can design your company’s logo on various print mediums, through an ad in newspaper, magazines and other print media, you can show what your product really looks like. Like in Television Ads, you could also associate your brand’s name and logo with different social welfare and awareness messages.


4. Viral Marketing- This means of marketing, wherein the more a person sees a company’s name, logo and other details the more he uses it, is adopted by many online companies. The more you use online sites like yahoo, YouTube, Google, etc the more it gets advertised and visible.


5. Sponsoring events- You could promote your brand through events, seminars and other functions. You could sponsor and host beauty contests the way Ponds and Femina do or sponsor and host award functions like CNBC, Filmfare and other brands do. If you don’t want to host a big event you could go with a regional or Zonal event something like sponsoring Miss. Delhi or Punjab’s best Entrepreneurs Award etc.


6. Joining groups and communities online- You could create a group on Yahoo and other mailing websites and send promotional messages to your friends during festivals or some event. You could also join online communities and send messages to your client and customers whenever there is something new happening in your company.


7. Company’s logo in your signatures- This is perhaps the most simple way of making your customers and other people see your brand. Put your brand’s name or logo on your signature and whenever you send a mail, your brand gets promoted. “We have kept our logo different with unique colour scheme and fonts so that it stays back in the minds of our clients”, says Tarun garg, Managing Director, KonsultingIT, an IT services company.


8. Hoardings, banners- You can also promote your brand through various billboards, hoardings, banners on the most posh and crowded streets of India. The bigger these are the better is the visibility of your brands.


9. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - You can create brand visibility through original and informative content. If you are designing your site, stress on putting quality content and the right keywords. Create keywords that identify your site content.


10. Other Innovative means- Following are some innovative methods that you can try.

  • Vehicles- Put your company’s name, logo or products, slogan on cars, buses, cabs, taxis, bikes, etc to promote them wherever they go.
  • Canopy of Umbrella- You can promote your company’s name, logo, slogan, etc on the canopy of umbrella. You can either distribute these to businessmen and customers so that whenever and wherever they use it, your company or product gets visible.
  • Online niche directories- There are certain online directories that provide contact details of a particular sector; you can promote your products here so that people of our industry visiting the site can see and know about your brand. 
  • On popular blogs- There are various people who contribute regular articles on their blogs due to which their blog attracts much traffic. If the blog is specific for your industry, put your ads on it. This would really help in promoting your brand.  
  • Latest Events- Due to events like Commonweal th Games, 2010, Cricket World Cup 2011, people from across the world are looking at India.  Are you geared up to meet their expectations? Associate and advertise your products with these global events for a global viewership.

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