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Technical Education 2019-04-16

Why There is Huge Demand For Technical Education Franchises

Computer science is more than just crunching numbers or tapping away at a keyboard and creating applications and programs is becoming more focused on user experience, ease of use, integration and other non-technical features

By Content Writer
Why There is Huge Demand For Technical Education Franchises

When you think of Engineering in computer science, you may think of people hunched over their computers, squinting their eyes at hundreds of lines of complex coding. You may be worried that you don’t have what it takes to make it through all of the courses on programming languages and virtualization technology.

Today, computer science is more than just crunching numbers or tapping away at a keyboard and creating applications and programs is becoming more focused on user experience, ease of use, integration and other non-technical features

If you are someone who cannot get over-fascination with technology –wanting to know how computers and networks work – and excited at the thought of gaming around to create the latest software or use technology to solve a business dilemma here are the most desired soft skills that job seekers are looking for in the Computer Engineers who are naturally inclined to achieve success in the field positions.

Expert Communicator

Do you enjoy telling stories to your group of friends? Do you find yourself constantly holding conversations with complete strangers? Communication skills are the top soft skill employers are seeking computer science candidates. This may be surprising, but jobs in this field aren’t as solitary as they seem. Programmers, IT specialists and other tech professionals are constantly communicating between teams, clients and companies. Both oral and written communication is essential in helping understand how to employ programs, assisting clients with software and documenting instructions. This skill helps you learn to focus on not just pursuing software engineering, but also writing technical comments so that other programmers can easily use code.

Problem-solving whiz

This may be the most obvious skill on the list, but computer scientists must possess superb problem-solving skills. Some of this can be taught in school, but it helps to have an innate sense of logic and strategy. So if you love filling your free time with puzzles, strategy games or Sudoku, computer science could be the challenge you need to further exercise your problem-solving abilities. Courses like B. Tech program in Computer Science with specialization in Gaming & Graphics prepare students for an exciting career in IT for Gaming domain which increases their scope in a career either with the Domestic & Global Gaming companies

You love collaborating with others

Collaboration goes hand-in-hand with communication skills and is the ability to carry out teamwork effectively. While some computer science work may involve solo projects, most of the work you will do in the technology field involves working in collaboration at some level. Programmers who are able to work as a member of a team with other non-programmers are a huge advantage and provide great value to a company. Successful applications Facebook, Spotify, Amazon and many more are built by a team and the success of the product is driven by the ability to communicate and collaborate with others in a meaningful manner. This skill is not only important for working within your immediate team, but also across different departments and even different companies

Eye for Detail

Do you find yourself double-checking your work before finishing it? Do you pay attention to the smaller details of life and remember them? A detail-oriented person takes note of minute facts and ensures that every requirement is met. This is a desirable trait in the computer science field, particularly for programmers. Programming languages can be unforgiving, and even in simple programs many small details must be analyzed, digested and executed. Due to the intensive and tedious coding tasks that computer science professionals are faced with, those who possess the ability to pay attention to detail could thrive in this field.

Universities like UPES, Dehradun offer specialization courses in Computer Science field which will be the perfect fit for you for to possess a healthy balance of creativity, curiosity and practicality that opens better opportunities and bright career avenues.

This Article Is Written By Manish Prateek, Dean, School of Computer Science (SoCS), UPES Dehradun

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