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Why Teaching Kindness At Schools Is Essential For Child Development

The phrase random acts of kindness explain a selfless act of giving resulting in the happiness of another person is well known globally.

By Features Writer
Why Teaching Kindness At Schools Is Essential For Child Development

Terms like this are increasing as more people are realizing the lack of altruism in their lives. Scientific studies have shown that kindness is accompanied by physical and emotional benefits where children should be given proper kindness education in order to flourish as healthy and happy individuals.

School is regarded as a place where a child gets to learn about various key aspects of life including education. One of those key things is kindness which develops and transforms child sociology in the right manner. With proper guidance, the true meaning of kindness should be explained to the children valuing and appreciating it for further development.

“Kindness plays an essential part in shaping an individual’s characteristics. It is something which can be learnt only when it’s felt so that they can also give back,” says Dr Vikrant Tiwari , neurosurgeon. He further adds, “Kindness is an emotion that students feel and empathy is a strength that they share.”

The good feelings, experienced when being kind are produced by endorphin, associated with pleasure, social connections and trust. Science explains that these feeling of joy are encouraging more positive behavior stating that kindness is essential for a child’s social development. It also increases children’s ability to form a meaningful connection with others, increasing the peer acceptance rate.


Being kind can also trigger a release of oxytocin which has a number of physical and mental health benefits contributing to a person’s level of happiness. In fact, it also plays a significant role in the cardiovascular system which keeps the heart healthy by reducing inflammation and eliminating the incidental aging process.

Proper education on kindness creates a lasting sense of pride, well being and an enriched sense of belonging amongst children. Even small acts of kindness can heighten the sense of well being and energy by optimizing self -worth. It helps the children in increasing their sense of belonging and improved self -esteem.

Sense of Perspective

When children are a part of projects that require helping the less fortunate’s, it provides them with a real sense of perspective and helps them appreciate the good things in their own lives. Increasing the feeling of gratitude, it also boosts the morale and confidence amongst children which shapes their development.  Contributing to better concentration and improved results also play an important part in learning, memory, health and digestion being a key ingredient that helps children feel good. A positive outlook allows them greater attention span and enables more creative thinking at school.

Unlike previous generations, today’s adolescents are victimizing each other at alarming rates leading to violence among youths. Many schools and colleges have anti-bullying programs focusing on the negative actions that cause anxiety.

Teaching kindness and compassion in schools, foster the positive behavior creating warm and inclusive school environments. It’s documented that the effects of bullying can be significantly reduced by integrating kindness based programs in schools.

Defining aspect of civilized human life, it belongs in every home, school, neighborhood and society. It has become quite clear that modern education must encompass more than just academics for children to develop into happy, confident, well-rounded individuals. Matters of the heart must be taken seriously and nurtured as a matter of priority.

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