World Drug Day 2018-06-26

Why Institutions Should Talk About Drug Addictions And Its Post Effects On Body

Curiosities, desire for pleasure, mental gap, and lack of self-reliance are some of the notable reasons why the youths become a drug addict.

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Why Institutions Should Talk About Drug Addictions And Its Post Effects On Body

Nowadays the term drug has been allotted with a new meaning. Earlier, it was originally used to describe ‘medicine’ which changed over time and now include fatal narcotics like cocaine, heroin, brown sugar and many more. These drugs come with evil effects, causing abnormality in mind and body cells of the addicts. The most common victims of such drug addiction are the country’s youth, particularly teenagers.

Meaning of drug addiction

Drug addiction which is also known as substance use disorder forces a person to be completely dependent on a drug. It is considered a brain disease as it changes the structure and functioning of the brain. Sometimes, drug addiction is also referred to as drug dependency because:

  • There is an uncontrollable craving for its consumption.
  • The constant misuse of drugs results in disrupting mental and physical health of the addict.
  • Addicted people engage themselves in compulsive behavior to obtain the drugs.

Causes of drug addiction

Curiosities, desire for pleasure, mental gap, and lack of self-reliance are some of the notable reasons why the youths become a drug addict. Peer pressure, unnecessary stress, inferiority complex, arising from the lack of self-confidence, has been marked as a prime cause for the youths to opt for drugs, ending up becoming an addict. Educators should come up with proper teaching and guidance in order to eliminate reasons like inferiority complex, making them realize that everyone is special and unique in their own way.

The problem of drug addiction is all the more serious as the addicts are mostly school and college going students. Therefore, institutions should make sure that students stay away from drug addiction as they are the future citizens of a country. Institutions should opt for friendly teaching methods which suit every student’s mentality. Constant discussion on peer pressure and lessons on releasing stress can shape the students in a better way.

Solutions for drug addiction

Rehabilitation of the young drug-addicts has been a major social problem. Self-awareness through correct education has been suggested as a proper step towards eradicating the problem. The need to form a healthy environment, meeting the needs of the youth is equally important. This is why the trading of harmful drugs such as cocaine and opium should be controlled. International projects can be considered in order to eliminate the trading of such drugs.

Recently, The Excise and Prohibition Department organized a seminar for the students to sensitize them on the ill-effects of drug abuse. They stated that the students should be listened to as it’s the first step to help them grow safe and healthy.


Teaching youth about the harmful consequences these drugs come up with can prevent drug abuse. Institutions should have a proper lecture on drugs and their effects, creating awareness among the students. Various institutions opting for this step can lead to avoiding of drug abuse in the first instance. Implementing drug preventive programmes at schools and colleges can become the most successful method in reducing the problem of drug addiction.


The family members and teachers play a vital role in treating a student to fight drug abuse. They should listen to the students and understand their requirement in order to make them feel good and suggesting them with proper guidance. Schools and colleges should have yoga and meditation class on curriculum which helps in eliminating the need for drugs. Apart from this, there are various medical processes like detoxification which is a gradual process of gaining a child’s normalcy.

A general awareness should be provided to the guardians, teachers, and the youth to fight off the evil together.

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