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The E.A.S.I.E.R Path to raise your child’s Consciousness Quotient

Consciousness quotient can be simply put as the level of awareness of self and the surroundings one goes through at various stages of development.

By Co-founder
The E.A.S.I.E.R Path to raise your child’s Consciousness Quotient

Despite of any circumstances, it is ideal to aim for gold and settle for no less. Hence, humans strive to be on a constant state of upgrading themselves, to up the chances of survival. In the current cut throat scenario, it is essential to imbibe life skills to win. Possession of such vital knowledge needs to be ingrained from an early age, empowering young minds to make well-informed decisions with long-term implications. A strong base on consciousness quotient needs to be built to enlighten impressionable mind set from the beginning.

Consciousness quotient can be simply put as the level of awareness of self and the surroundings one goes through at various stages of development. Consisting of the below 5 c’s as essential elements, the consciousness quotient starts developing from post 5 and reaches its crescendo on late teens:

  • Creativity: Identified as the most important aptitude for the future, Creativity is the capacity to break through traditional ideas, patterns and relationships with the key of innovation.
  • Critical Thinking: A part of disciplined stream of mindfulness, Critical thinking focuses more on asking the 'right questions' and bringing out opportunities from obstacles.
  • Communications: Communication is an essential tool that enables individuals to empathize, create and share collective knowledge with others, transforming mere ideas to impactful actions.
  • Collaboration: Collaboration is the innate ability to be connected, while remaining unique, by indulging in a collaborative effort to grow and help others grow.
  • Contribution: Contribution is the intentional and purposeful service to others or the planet, free from baggage of the expectation.

In this modern age, the above life traits that form the crux of a functional being, rendering the development of consciousness quotient important, especially for kids. Both parents and teachers must focus on imparting such critical lifeskill training within their 21st century kids.

One of the most prolific way to inculcate this is through the adoption of E.A.S.I.E.R method. E.A.S.I.E.R life skill training, developed by utilizing the latest neuro-scientific methods can be elaborated as:

Emotional Wellness: Emotional wellness is of uttermost importance, for a balanced growth. Kids require to be taught to identify and overcome negative emotions (such as anxiety, sadness and anger) effectively. Further, children must also be guided to not let damaging thoughts overpower them and channelize the negativity into positive outcomes as they proceed with life.

Adaptability: Dismissal and refutation are a part-and-parcel of everyone’s life and therefore, kids must learn how to steer, adjust through the difficult tides and adapt according to the changing environment. While textbook knowledge might work till a certain extent, the wisdom of adaptability is what helps kids deal with unforeseen situations and churn it in their favour.

Social Leadership: With the world growing interconnected, children must master diverse modes of communication, collaboration as well as public speaking, to effortlessly achieve their life goals whilst emerging as young leaders of tomorrow. To develop the apt modes to survive, it is important to channelize the collaborative spirit and surge ahead, together.

Innovation: Kids are gifted with the zeal to taste curiosity and rather than rebuffing them, caregivers must encourage this tendency. The art of learning from life is savouring through its various experiences and it is imperative to teach kids the concepts of innovation and creativity, which will always help them pave their path to a fruitful existence.

Ethics: All ingenious leaders, interspersed across history, have one defining quality – a strong sense of ethics. So, to build a strong leader of tomorrow, kids must be facilitated in building a strong sense of character, identity, empathy and integrity. These qualities aid kids in making conscientious decisions regarding their future.

Resiliency: Life comes with its own share of opportunities and obstacles and so, guardians must instil the grain of resiliency amongst children to appreciate the highlights and learn from the challenges in life. This would assist them in imbibing the right mindset to learn from past mistakes and bounce back with renewed strength.

Inculcating such principles from a tender age will help mould strong, independent entities, raring to go that extra mile to uncover their fullest potential.

This article has been authored by Ms. Shobana Mahansaria, Co-founder, Dolphin POD. 

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