EdTech 2017-12-11

How is Edtech Revolutionising the Education Sector in India

Technology will never replace great teachers; but technology in the hands of great teachers is transformation.

By CEO, DataWind
How is Edtech Revolutionising the Education Sector in India

Education is one such sector where nowadays it is almost impossible to function without technology. From marking attendance of the class to teaching by using various tools, technology has made everybody’s lives easier. Technology is helping teachers to expand beyond vanilla learning and to engage with students who learn best in other ways. Its role in schools has evolved from a boxed computer class into a versatile learning tool that could change how we demonstrate concepts, assign projects and assess progress.

Education and learning have acquired a new face since the advent of the tablet PC’s. There has been a tremendous change in the manner of teaching and institutions and teachers have been the biggest beneficiaries in this new scenario. The usage of smart class, tablets, work-related devices have led to smart education deliverables. Combining modern technologieslike Virtual Reality with traditional classroom instruction is one example of how the introduction of new technology can enhance the learning experience and create new opportunities.

Gone are the days when students must actually go to school/ institutions to learn and acquire knowledge. Earlier it was impossible to meet the individual student requirements in a class of 60 students. But through technology, this has become possible as the students have the data saved for their future references which a student may have missed out on, which they can use when in doubt. The students can now easily go back to their syllabus and correlate the missed out points. By leveraging evolved multimedia formats, these platforms are allowing the education sector to achieve academic goals better. By using machines, PC’s and tablets for teaching, education sector has adopted a personalised approach of learning which has given them better experience in terms of up skilling and making India smart. Talking about the Indian education market, quality service is often at a peril due to a disparity between the demand and the availability of resources.

Creation of sound infrastructure is one of the key debatable points in the current scenario. Over the past few years, improved teacher training and development of content have made it ever easier to implement technology in the classroom. The right combination of affordable technology with internet access at low rates can sow the seeds of a much profound and deeper change across education, empowerment, transparency, governance and economic independence. 

The best possible result of technology in education sector is demand of tablets in rural areas by people, which is the evidence of growth in education sector. Teaching had never been a much sought-after career option in the past. The new learning medium has created a tremendous demand for subject matter experts of various fields and teachers to design curriculum and deliver them.

Instructional designer, e-learning experts, curriculum developers, course designers are the latest positions offered to educators by both corporate houses as well as eminent organisations. On the job training, decent salary package, exciting projects have created lucrative job opportunities for professionals from various industries namely Education, IT, Analytics etc.

Institutions and Education Sector are not only benefiting immensely from these technologies but they are able to make their subjects much more interesting using 3D images, and they have to spend less effort developing key barriers of affordability and connectivity have limited the penetration of technology in many parts of emerging markets. Slides and visuals help institutesteach better by neutralizing barriers. Still, key barriers of affordability and connectivity have limited the penetration of technology in many parts of emerging markets. Technology levels the playing fieldand eliminates mediocrity in teaching. E- learning platform was introduced to create ease to the education stratum focussing change in rugged system and to come up with durable technology. Through e-learning, the current system of education has touchedmany milestones over few months. And the best is yet to come!

This article is authored by Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO. DataWind.

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