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Hotel Management is not just about cooking or serving

Hotel management as a career has multiple openings and is not just restricted to cooking and serving. Read on to know more:

By CEO & Founder
Hotel Management is not just about cooking or serving

When we speak about the scope of careers in India, conventional careers like Engineering, Management, Medicine, and Law take the cake, primarily due to popular opinions. But, there are careers, beyond the realm of these conventions that provide equally great scope, and a sturdier career progression.

There are more than 150 rewarding careers many of us are not even aware of, and those few, who are willing to take the chance, lack the right amount of knowledge to cut it. Most however, are discouraged by family, and friends, and often end up making compromises. One such misunderstood field is that of hotel management.

Often, when people hear about this career, they visualise a man wearing a white apron, serving food. At least, 70% of people still think that hotel management is nothing more than cooking or serving food. If you too are one of those who fall in this category, please read on, the myths are about to be broken.

Here are 5 myths about a career in Hotel Management, and a quick reality check:

MYTH 1- Hotel Management Is Just About Cooking and Serving Food

Reality: Hotel Management is so much more than, just cooking. It is a serious career, for the standards of excellence, impeccable quality, and stellar service are to be met, always! The hotel industry offers many opportunities, basis an individual’s skill. Housekeeping, say is responsible for maintaining clean and comfortable environment, then, there is the front-office, which ensures smooth operations between departments, and looks after the needs of the guest on arrival and during the stay at the hotel. There is also a dedicated banquet’s department, responsible for the conception and completion of the events such as conferences, weddings and celebrations etc. Hotel management professionals, also specialise in branding, sales, marketing, customer relations, and general management, depending on the scale of operations, and the required needs. Hence, there are numerous specialised career paths to explore in the hospitality industry.

MYTH 2- You Are Restricted To Hotel Industry after Pursing Hotel Management

Reality: Contrary to popular opinion (stemming from unawareness), A degree in hotel management does not restrict to the hotel industry. With a degree from a good institution, and great work experience, sky is the limit. The hospitality industry offers a myriad of exciting and diverse career opportunities, which are directly related to the HM degree such as,

  • Accommodation manager in hospitals, conference centers, care homes etc.
  • Event manager, for award ceremonies, product launches, music festivalsetc.
  • Airlines, as a cabin crew, culinary manager, flight attendants, relationship managers etc.
  • In travel & tourism as trip managers, travel curators, experience designers etc.
  • In cruises & casinos for specialized experiences, customised cruises, and managing operations.
  • In education, to build a brigade of world-class hotel managers.

MYTH 3- Low Score In School = Hotel Management Degree

Reality: It takes a lot more than just marks to own a Hotel Management degree. One needs to be precisely skillful to be a part of this exciting, yet challenging industry. There is no dearth of knowledge, with the vast courses that education takes one through, however the real edge comes with experience, and practicing the theory. The entrance process to a top school, is itself quite competitive. There’s an entrance test which assesses an applicant’s strength across analytical, logical, mathematical, and language abilities, followed by a group discussion, and a personal interview. Medicine, and engineering aren’t the top choices now for toppers, as they too are migrating towards this glamorous industry that provides global exposure, and endows one with a truly international personality. It is also the second fastest growing industry, all thanks to globalisation.

MYTH 4- You Will Take Time To Establish and Get a Less Paying Job

Reality: Okay! It’s not really a myth, but doesn’t it hold true for any career? In the beginning, you have to start with trivial duties, to get an understanding of the basics of business, and have a firm foundation. The progression is steady, and it takes a good number of years, and numerous hours of stellar work to reach the top. Once you graduate with a hotel management degree, there are limitless opportunities waiting for you. You are open to join the hospitality sector, as a management trainee and move up the ladder with experience. The initial salary is approximately INR 15000, (for a management trainee), and goes up to several lakh of rupees for general managers, and directors. You also get to work with global brands, the likes of, Hilton, Hyatt, Radisson and that big move from India to your dream destination(s) is a step away. So, it’s not wrong to say that your degree can become your passport!

MYTH 5- Women Don’t Have Good Prospects In Hospitality Industry

Reality: Despite significant progress in many years, women are continued to be held in weaker light, and are strongly prejudiced against, for not being able to take tough decisions, as swiftly as men. The hospitality industry thrives on elegance, flair, and grace that a women carries with herself. Let’s take an example here - guest relations, women are preferred over men due to their pleasing personality. They also fair better at verbal and interpersonal skills, and are also good at handling pressure. According to sever reports, women perform large chunk of hospitality jobs, and the proportion of women in senior positions has also increased.

Skills Required

  • Impeccable written and spoken communication skills
  • Amazing Interpersonal skills
  • Pleasing personality
  • Confident demeanour
  • Ability to keep calm during stress
  • Energy and enthusiasm

Career Path To Follow In Order To Pursue Hotel Management:

There are two paths you may follow, to build a career in hotel management.

Path 1 – Pursue graduation in Hotel Management for 3 years and go for Post-graduation.

Path 2– Pursue Diploma in Hotel Management for 6 months to 1 year, then pursue Diploma/Post Graduation Diploma in Hotel Management for 1-2 years.

Career selection is one of the most important decisions of one’s life, one needs to ditch tunnel vision, and not depend on half knowledge/information, and make a wrong career choice. Much like the salt intake to elevate your palate, a right career decision can bring you the same amount of happiness and satisfaction.

Hotel Industry is beyond cooking or operator answering phone call on the second ring and surely has a lot of scope in the coming years, and with globalisation it is here to stay, it has large employment opportunities. If you have the soft skills, and you’re ready to communicate with people from different countries, religions and backgrounds, and work really hard, a degree in hotel management is worth pursuing.

This article has been authored by Prateek Bhargava, CEO & Founder, Mindler

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