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Here Is Why Educators Need To Embrace Cartoons For Enhancing Classroom Activity

Comics and cartoons have been used for entertainment purposes for generations. But what if they could be used to enhance a classroom activity?

By Features Writer
Here Is Why Educators Need To Embrace Cartoons For Enhancing Classroom Activity

The constantly evolving education industry has made the educators come up with innovative ideas, providing a unique and different learning experience to students.

According to, “Emerging research shows that comics and graphic novels are motivating, support struggling readers, enrich the skills of accomplished readers and are highly effective at teaching sometimes dull or dry material in subject areas such as science and social studies.”

Today, educators are focusing on cartoons as a unique way to spark engagement in the classroom.

Cartoons catch attention

Correlating cartoons with fun and humor is human nature, which leads to the fact that every child admires cartoon. Even adults also admire cartoon just as children. Whenever we open a book, we first look at the images printed on it and then the texts.

Thus, in order to gain a student’s attention, educators are using cartoons which could be a great idea for combining fun with education. It is believed that students would be more curious to learn about the topics, having cartoons related to it. 

Cartoons lead to a better understanding

There are several topics which can’t be theoretically understood. They require practical experiences or real-life examples. This is where the cartoon becomes very effective.

Educators can introduce comic strip, narrating a story for a better understanding. With proper use of cartoons and callouts, a story can be easily created, making the students understand burdensome subjects very comfortably.  

Cartoon develops public speaking

Usually, a cartoon comic strip has numerous characters with different individual dialogues. Educators can design a session, where every individual student is assigned a character, asking them to perform.

It can also be beneficial for the rest of the students as they understand the story in a more easy and creative manner. It also enhances the speaking skill of students, while performing in front of the whole class.

From pre-schooling to middle schooling, cartoons play many important roles. Educators are using cartoons to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, nurturing students with several positive skills.

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