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Corporate Training: Where opportunities exist

It’s very difficult for employees to go and learn from somewhere else or do a fast-track course to learn the technology or software after taking a leave and then come back to their office to perform the related task.

Corporate Training: Where opportunities exist

In today’s stressful world of competition and fast moving innovative technology driven products, every organisation wants to keep its employees updated and comfortable with the current trends, technologies and tools so that their employees can handle any project without any repulsion. Gone are the days when employees were given the same kind of assignments over the years at their workplace. Now in almost every sector, technology and advanced tools are used to perform and accomplish the tasks speedily and with accuracy. The employees are assigned different kinds of tasks at their workplace and the organisation expects that these tasks should be done before time.

In many cases, employees are not aware of the technologies or tools on which they are expected to work. And moreover, it’s very difficult for employees to go and learn from somewhere else or do a fast-track course to learn the technology or software after taking a leave and then come back to their office to perform the related task.

Now, almost every organisation is concentrating on organising training and induction programme for its staff members to learn the new tools and technologies at their work place without any strain to approve leaves and let the work suffer. These training programmes are also known as staff development programme, Train-the-trainer programme or Executive Training Programme. This is the case where the role of a corporate trainer comes in the picture.

A 2014 Forbes article reported on this trend, sighting the soaring corporate training sector, which grew 15 per cent in 2013 alone, representing the highest growth rate in 7 years. This growth brought the value of corporate sponsored training to more than $70 billion in the US and more than $130 billion worldwide.

This impressive growth followed two previous years of increases, revealing what economists already know: corporate training is always a good indicator of a strong economy, as it is often recognised as among the most discretionary of all corporate spending areas.

Corporate training, reported by Forbes, is also growing due to organisations suffering from a “skills supply chain” challenge, with a majority of organisations (70 per cent) citing a lack of capable employees as one of their top challenges. Now, research shows that the top areas of corporate spending are in management and leadership.

According to me, corporate training is needed in order to develop employees’ technical expertise as well as emotional and psychological fitness.

The great thing about corporate training is that it’s a very respectable and highly paid job if you are able to transform employee’s lives. I have trained lots of Multi National Companies and I can vouch that if these skills (interpersonal skills, communication skills, emotional intelligence and presentation skills) are taught to company’s employees – it will increase their productivity and make them more result-oriented people.

Corporate training is very essential for every organisation if they want to turn their good organisation into a great organisation. Smart employees must know how to work with passion. They must have great conviction and determination. They must know the tools, technologies and strategies to produce great results. The employees need lots of energy, they need to be in a resourceful state and they have to know how to build rapport with anyone and everyone on cue. And all these skills are taught by the corporate trainer to create better career opportunities and growth.

Corporate training is very essential because it teaches people human behaviours. It teaches people how to influence with integrity. It teaches how to create immediate breakthrough.

Now, let me tell you something about myself: I am a Corporate Trainer, Celebrity Coach, Strategist and Expert NLP Coach. I have trained several MNCs including L&T Construction and IIT Roorkee. I have got appreciation letter from IIT. Recently I trained models, actors and created breakthrough within in an hour. I changed their belief system within an hour. I created total confidence in them in an hour.

As per my experience: If teachers, academicians, researchers or HR Managers want to become a corporate trainer – they will have to learn how to live with passion, how to have more belief towards their vision. They have to be very creative and innovative. They need new passion for this, they need to conduct new experiments, they ought to have different perceptions. They have to ask different questions. They have to have different conversations. They have to learn how to be in a resourceful state within no time. They have to be more value driven. They have to listen to their conscience.

The opportunity is too vast in this industry because it changes a simple employee into a great professional. It changes a simple manager into an HR Manger by reprogramming their brain, mastering the emotions, conditioning their physiology and helping them specialise in a particular area.

About the author:

This article has been authored by S A Anand, Corporate Trainer, Strategist, Celebrity Coach and turn around expert and founder of SSA Academy based on his personal experience and research.

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