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Cambridge Montessori Pre-School wants to create a learning environment based on Montessori Philosophy: Jatika Arora

Cambridge Montessori Preschool and Daycare aims to provide value based education of International standards using best practices.

Cambridge Montessori Pre-School wants to create a learning environment based on Montessori Philosophy: Jatika Arora

As per Cambridge Montessori Preschool and Daycare (CMPS), independent learning, creative learning and excellent communications skills are the basic needs for students to survive and grow in this competitive world. CMPS aims to provide value based education of International standards by using best practices. Their approach is to make pupils confident, independent and make their life successful. In an interaction with Educationbiz, Ms Jatika Arora, Director-Academics, Cambridge Montessori Preschool and Daycare discusses about the model, style of learning and various services on offer.

What is the difference with the model of Cambridge Montessori Preschool and Daycare as compared to other preschools in India?
Cambridge Montessori Pre-School is poised to create a learning environment for the tiny tots based on internationally renowned Montessori Philosophy propounded by Dr. Maria Montessori. It helps them instil independent learning, creative thinking & excellent communication skills. At CMPS, we believe in providing an all-round learning environment, which will help the child to develop physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally.

How does CMPS nurture love of learning, independence and creativity among children?
At Cambridge Montessori, children have the freedom to choose their own activities. Its environment is a nurturing place for children to become enthusiastic learners and develop self-discipline. The environment is responsive to the ever changing needs of the growing child. It is designed to meet the child’s need for self-construction. They become expressive through art/craft and drama. The child’s self- esteem is central to our educational objective.

Along with early childhood Montessori education, what are the different services that you offer?
At CMPS, our teachers work on these bundles of joy & give them motherly love and compassion. A properly spread Montessori lab consists of all tools required to develop a child as an individual. Mind Lab is an innovative workshop to engage young children from the age group of 3-14 years in various aspects of learning that includes Robotics, Mental Mathematics, Communication and Personality Development.

Games and Fun comes to children naturally, hence an excellent arena carved out for outdoor and indoor play-equipment. It helps develop child’s emotional, social and physical endurance. We also have unique Day Care services for children of working couples.

This is indeed a beautiful structure where children feel at home under the compassionate staff and teachers. Cambridge Montessori has also launched Teacher Training program of 3 to 9 months duration. This is a very structured training course, which has class room/practical/and on the job paid internship and finally job offer at any of the Cambridge franchise centers across India.

With imparting early childhood education, how could you identify the key qualities among children to groom them accordingly?
With the Montessori philosophy, we allow development of children at their own pace. With this framework, the child develops freely in individuality and self-confidence. The child is given the opportunity to become independent and care for him/herself in a responsible way. We also observe child’s interest & allow them to explore it further. With help of progressive mode of education, at CMPS we entail critical thinking into kids further developing groos motor skills, cognitive approach& practical aptitude.

How does Cambridge Montessori Preschool and Daycare centre create home like environment for children?
Cambridge Montessori Pre School has a beautiful training program for teachers and support staff. They are taught in a fashion, which enables them to look into all aspects of small children need and accordingly attend them. They take care of children in a motherly way and are particular about the safety and security aspects. We create a home like scenario in school and staff is directly responsible for the children handling.

What is your target consumer group?
Any parent, who would like to put their children in a Montessori environment to experience more scientific and practical approach of learning. Cambridge Montessori intends to have a school in each and every district of India.

What is the fee structure?
Although being an international standard preschool with latest Montessori and research based curriculum, we are ensuring, our fee structure should be very much within the reach of our customers. Our focus is to create a world class preschool chain while keeping the fee affordable. Our franchise partners are also committed to keep affordable fees, as the purpose is to spread the best learning environment.

What is the agreement of Jalsa Ventures with Cambridge Montessori Preschool and Daycare?
Cambridge Montessori Pre School and Day Care Ltd, London and Jalsa Ventures Pvt. Limited, India have agreed to collaborate for expansion, sales, support and training of the brand and Jalsa Ventures has the right to use the brand and expand across the globe. Quality of services and curriculum has to be researched from the best Montessori schools of the world and by virtue of many Montessori organisations.

How many preschools do you have presently?
Cambridge Montessori Pre School has been launched in India recently and we are in the process of signing many schools in and around Indian sub-continent. Our focus now is more of quality partners than increasing number of branches.

What are your future expansion plans through franchising? Investment?
We intend to grow beyond 500 franchise locations in next 6 years. All though the school and its offering is of truly international standard, still we have been able to manage the set up cost between INR 10-14 lacs to have a standard school. Lots of research has gone behind while picking the Montessori Materials, other scientific tools, books, worksheets, and many other items required to keep the setup cost quite minimum against the existing brands in India.

How do you see the competition in market? By what percentage are you growing?
India is a huge country and roughly 85% of the market is still in an unorganised sector. Parents are now demanding value for money. They want to see changes in their children on a daily basis. Innovative and scientific way of teaching and learning environment is the only way forward. Our children will have to compete with some of the best children in the world, so we have to adopt the best of the world teaching methodology as well. We don’t see much competition in this segment and our 360 degree development approach of our children will keep us ahead of the competition. We are getting very good response from the market and it’s too early to guess the rate of growth as we are in our first year of operations.

According to you what is the size of preschool and daycare center market in India?
It’s huge. Simple statistics will make you understand as 65% population of India is under 35 years of age and hence a good proportion is part of 2-6 year age group. More and more couple joining the main work force and there is also a strong need for excellent Day Care facility. Competition is picking up in this sector and opportunities are huge. It is indeed a great option for any business person to get into education business and more so in preschool segment as franchise partner.

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