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Education Industry 2017-03-27

Emergence of Neuroscience in Education Industry

Neuroscience industry is anticipated to evolve at CAGR of 2.9% from 2014-2020.

By Feature Writer
Emergence of Neuroscience in Education Industry

Emergence in neuroscience will explore how children learn and what intervention and strategies should be used to promote their learning process. There has been a drastic change in the way of providing education. The schools and institutes are aiming more at brain based learning for better future of students.

Alliance of discovery and application of new knowledge is neuroeducation which aims:

- To engage students in process of acquiring & retaining useful content.

- Inclusion of art based learning and new strategies in classroom education and curriculum.

- Formulate strategies which enhance the learning experience with greater meaning and purpose, produce diversity of skills in students.

- Train new teachers and inspire experienced educators to bestow new methodologies for engaging students.

- Create new benchmarks for students to move beyond the narrow lens of math and reading scores.

Painting a larger picture
Accomplishment of these objectives and use of researches in a way of providing education will take time in India. As students are the ultimate beneficiaries of this effort, it is necessary to incept neuroscience and learning in our education system.

Teachers are brain changers of students. It is a need in Indian Education industry to enhance the quality of education by hiring qualified teachers. It is important for teachers to understand application of neuroeducation in today’s environment. As at grassroot level, brain of a child is shaped as per the teachings and it is necessary to provide knowledge that is useful to enhance their brain quality and skills.

Expert speaks
An Innovation leader Rohan Roberts quoted, "The last ten years have seen dramatic changes in the field of education. The days of the teacher as sage on stage whose word was gospel are long gone. Rote learning is out, flipped lessons are in. Regimented rows are out, group-seating is in. Solitary work is out, collaborative work is in. Silent classrooms are out, active learning is in. And by and large, schools are catching up to the latest trends in education. However, most teachers are unaware of the reasons why these changes are recommended. That's where neuroscience comes in. We've learnt more about the human brain in the last five years than in all the previous centuries combined. This is having a revolutionary impact on education. It is important for teachers to have some awareness of what is going on in the brains of their students and for teachers to base their teaching methods on the latest research from Neuroscience and Mind Brain Education."

Combination of neuroscience, psychology and education helps to form neuroeducation that helps to improve teaching methods and gain more knowledge of how young minds develop and learn.

In current scenario, introduction of neuroscience in Education sector of India will surely help to develop mindsets of young ones. The more knowledge on how brain works, the better will be the approach to provide education. Neuroscience industry has wide scope of investment in India and will continue to grow in future.

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