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Benefits of Personalised Learning

The eLearning sector is expected to reach $1.29 billion ($40 billion by some uber-optimistic estimates) by 2018, growing at 17% CAGR. This is expected to be faster than the global growth by a factor of 2x.

By Senior Sub-editor
Benefits of Personalised Learning

Human brain is a very peculiar thing on this planet, which functions at the speed of light and holds the capacity to work as much as 12 computers together. The most important thing to notice is that no two brains think alike or function alike. Thus it is difficult to predict and impossible to compare the function of two brains.

The eLearning sector is expected to reach $1.29 billion ($40 billion by some uber-optimistic estimates) by 2018, growing at 17% CAGR. This is expected to be faster than the global growth by a factor of 2x.

At present, higher education sector witnesses spending of over Rs 46,200 crore (US$ 6.93 billion), and it is expected to grow at an average annual rate of over 18 per cent to reach Rs 232,500 crore (US$ 34.87 billion) in next 10 years.

The Budget has pegged an outlay of Rs 79,685.95 crore (US$ 11.952 billion) for the education sector for financial year 2017-18, up from Rs 72,394 crore (US$ 10.859 billion) in 2016-17—a 9.9 per cent rise.

Personalized Learning has entered the market recently and it looks like it is not going anywhere anytime soon. Though the concept is totally new, here are a few benefits of personalised learning:

1. Student Engagement:

Brain scans showed that students who took a hands-on approach to learning had activation in sensory and motor-related parts of the brain when they later thought about concepts such as angular momentum and torque.

E-Learning plays an important role in explaining difficult subjects by breaking them down into info graphs, 3D structures and explaining the problem in a form of animated story or simplifying it in language, which will be easy for students to grasp.

Thus it keeps the students engaged to the subject and encourages him/her to go in the depths to acquire more knowledge.

2. Teachers’ Guidance:

Gone are the days, when the education was limited to schools, where the teacher would explain the topic to the class and the students make notes, go back to home and mug it up for exams. The traditional way of learning was more of mugging up and fetching marks than of learning.

The personalized learning is more inclined towards the process of learning and keeping the light of hunger for knowledge burning. Students do not just mug up whatever the teacher says, but they question and try to understand the topic.

E-learning gives the students and teachers fair chance and a platform to discuss topics and exchange ideas. Doubts erupting in the minds of students get solved during interactions with the teachers.

3. Choices:

Earlier the parents were the ones, who were taking the decision of what subjects to pick for higher education or which profession to follow.

But now the personalized learning, equip them to take the basic right to take the subjects, they actually want to learn or their interest lies in. students decide which career they want to pursue and what an all knowledge they require to follow the chosen career path.

The most and important benefit of personalized learning is that parents can actually help students in filtering disturbances. Parents have full control over the kind of knowledge the students are getting exposed to and can filter the unwanted stuffs.

4. No Barrier:

Students do not wait for approval or shy away from sharing their thoughts, discoveries and work, which they usually share on their blogs and social media platforms. In a way it helps them in interacting with teachers and discuss with other fellow students from across the globe about the flaws or achievements. It gives them a personal moment of achievement, which indirectly pushes them forward to work harder or find different discoveries.

Students can enjoy the process of learning anywhere and everywhere. Thanks to the technological advances, which took place in this era such as iPads, Mac books, laptops, smartphones with internet connection has made learning easy and interesting.

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