With Increasing Veganism, Can Artificial Meat Be The Next Big Franchise Opportunity?

Experts predict that by 2040, 60 per cent of meat we eat won't come from animals

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With Increasing Veganism, Can Artificial Meat Be The Next Big Franchise Opportunity?

The vegan movement shows no signs of slowing and has paved its way into the food industry.  However, meat is still the king. It is expected that the demand for meat will rise nearly 73 per cent by 2050 which will not only put a massive strain on our food cycle but also create challenges for the farming sector. 

Therefore, many companies across the world have emerged with an alternative, plant-based meatless meat that mimics meat on a molecular level, but without any animal cruelty in slaughterhouses. The effort to develop artificial meat has emerged due to the unsustainable methods of large-scale industrial animal agriculture. Restaurants across the world are jumping at the chance to nab their slice of meat-free pie.

What is Artificial Meat?

Artificial or synthetic meat is basically the meat curated in laboratories. The artificial meat is made using many of the similar tissue engineering techniques traditionally used in regenerative medicines.

Experts claim that artificial meat to be more healthy and environment-friendly in comparison to natural meat. Swapping good old meat with plant-based meat means protein-rich meat without the negatives. It is predicted that in the coming years, artificial meat can be seen in almost every supermarket and restaurants.

Does it taste the same?

For consumers who have a dietary preference for animal meat, artificial meat can be consumed, while eliminating the drawbacks of the current meat consumption trends. However, whether its vegans, vegetarians, or meat lovers looking for a healthier alternative, everyone has the same question when they first hear about meatless meat: does it taste the same as real meat?

Well is it unfair to compare both, but both are similar to an extent and rest depends on the way of cooking. There’s no doubt that artificial meat products can be manipulated to achieve good flavours. But, at the moment the priority is to produce edible protein on a large scale. Many restaurants chains have developed their own vegan meat recipes.

Market in India

India is a country where religious beliefs & practices dominate the food preferences of people. Approximately 40 % of the Indian population is vegetarian. This has forced major food franchises like McDonalds’s, Burger King, Dominos, and KFC etc. to introduce specially crafted vegetarian menus for the large population vegetarian.

In comparison to the west, India is a natural might be a more natural market for these companies, provided aspects like health; hygiene and local taste are taken care of. If it takes off, meatless meat in India could mean a wider array of protein-based food options for vegetarians who are usually stuck with paneer, lentils and soya. Meatless meat could allow restaurants to offer even more vegetarian options.

Dawn of a New Franchise Industry

Experts predict that by 2040, 60 per cent of meat we eat won't come from animals. This shows the promising future for artificial meat and the onset of a new business opportunity. In fact, many major fast-food chains such as KFC, Popeye’s etc have already offering vegan-meat in their menu. Thereby, signifying the beginning of a new era in the production of artificial meat, this could bring franchise opportunity to the industry.

Many companies have already emerged who are dealing in artificial meat, and it won’t be long when there will be franchise opportunities available for the same. Seeing the favourable future, with timely investment, franchisors could become the major player in the industry, seeking the best position for their business.  

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