wellness business trend
Wellness industry in India is surely transforming in leaps and bounds. Along with this transformation, trends have also upgraded in order to offer consumers something new.
By Madhusree Chowdhury 2017-08-18
Trends determine the growth of an industry and when consumers utilise them to their best, it boosts up the process to reach aimed development.
By Prasanjeet Roy 2017-06-30
The Wellness industry experiences something new every day. Trends change and so does lifestyles with them. 2017 seems to be a promising year in the wellness sector as the definition of new seems to be getting a good twist.
By Tanvi Jetly 2017-04-10
Turning the detrimental activity into a healthy practice with inventive fusion of wellness and club culture has effectively sparked interest of the masses in New York, a city highly influencing Indians.
By Niharika Verma 2016-07-02

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