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Understanding the Need of Health Workers in India

Health workers are not new to the field of infectious diseases. They have been working in the field since before modern medicine.

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Understanding the Need of Health Workers in India

Coronavirus outbreak told us about the limitation of human evolution. Everyone seemed helpless in that pandemic situation. Somehow, we took control over it and now the situation is a lot better than in past times. The whole human race has shown the unity and tried to fight back toward this pandemic. Doctors, health workers, nursing staff and sanitization staff worked for the long shift with unmatched energy and dedication. We should remember their role in fighting this pandemic. The values and needs of health workers are not limited to the pandemic. We need them around the world for two main reasons: to prevent diseases that may have been preventable and to provide compassionate care when the doors of clinics or hospitals are closed. The latter is far more important, but health workers can make a big difference in the former. The World Health Organization estimates that preventable diseases cause 49 million deaths each year, which is 18% of all total deaths. That is one death every 30 minutes. Health workers are not new to the field of infectious diseases. They have been working in the field since before modern medicine. They know how to care for patients and prevent the spread of diseases.

Need of Healthcare Workers 

In a time where every second counts, it is vital that we have people who are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure everyone has a chance at living a long and healthy life. Health workers are a vital part of our community. They are there to offer immediate support to those in need, monitor their progress closely and offer any other help they can; In a conflict-ridden environment like the Congo, where health has been compromised by anonymity and lack of access to basic services, it is often those same professionals who face danger as they attempt to keep people healthy and prevent new episodes of disease and disability.

Health Workers’ Contribution to the Economy

Health workers are a big part of economic development. Health workers are the first line of defence against protecting those people and making sure their quality of life isn’t negatively affected. They’re responsible for things like vaccinations, keeping track of chronic diseases like diabetes, and performing other types of surgery when needed. Healthcare workers are an integral part of any society who facilitates the life of the community, but health workers are not a dime a dozen. The cost of healthcare in India as per the United Nations is around $406 per capita, which is 34% higher than the global average of $304 per capita. This report aims to explore the current economic and social conditions of health workers in India to find out how much amount these individuals contribute towards the Indian economy in terms of both wages and productivity. 

Health workers are a major part of the economy. They save lives and create quality public health environments by ensuring that people have access to medicines when they need them and that all children grow up in safe environments. Health workers are key role models for the nation. We see them on every street corner doing their jobs with devotion and professionalism. During an epidemic, they remain symptom-free while working around the clock on behalf of their patients. Their dedication and professionalism are an example to us all, and we should strive to emulate them in everything we do.

Helping Nation to Be Healthy

Health workers are not only necessary for increasing awareness and combating diseases, but also for helping the less fortunate. Many people in developing countries live in extreme poverty and because of limited access to modern medicine; death and disease can be exploded. Health workers must be educated on infection control measures and the proper treatment for acute and chronic diseases. Without them, health workers are not only needed in times of conflict but also in times of happiness. When people feel well, they are more productive. They can work more effectively, are more willing to volunteer and cooperate with others, and even develop new bridges between communities.

Healthcare workers help the nation in all ways. They help businesses to earn, nations to develop and humans to live a longer and safer life. People need to get into the health sector on a larger scale to serve the nation. Research and innovation in the healthcare sector are very important. 

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