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Train Your Employee to Make Them Franchise Ready

Businesses must organize and deliver seminars, provide training on new products and services to follow when interacting with franchising partners

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Train Your Employee to Make Them Franchise Ready

Employee training improves productivity and retention. While this sounds like common sense, most businesses do not provide it properly. Training improves motivation, promotes stability while helping to build a reputation for high-quality work. It also increases productivity by involving employees in decision-making processes. Proper training can help to cut down employee turnover costs as well. For example, if an employee makes a mistake in the first week on the job, they have less incentive to quit than if they made a mistake weeks earlier. This error can cost the company money, time and reputation if it's not caught in time.

If you are in business for a long time you might have heard about franchising. Franchising is one of the important things you can do for expansion. Training is a part of almost every business entering the franchise realm. Businesses must organize and deliver seminars, provide training on new products and services to follow when interacting with potential clients. Training provides both an opportunity for employees to learn and improve skills and a clear understanding of what the company stands for so that differences in workplace behaviour don't escalate into disputes.

In this article, we have provided a clear view for three different industries on how to train their employees for better results.


Below we have mentioned tips that will help you train your employees to get them ready for the franchise.

  1. Getting a good start - Good start can not only increase your chances to be successful but gives you vast experience as compared to others. A good start can be understood in various terms like in retails, good start can mean good sales and high customer satisfaction. 
  2. Job shadowing - Job shadowing or tracing is copying something to learn a new skill. In Retail also, novice employees should be left to work under experienced ones to understand through observation.  This one job training helps to save time and helps with the workload as well. Additionally, people who are currently working in the field can better understand problems and help newcomers to solve them.
  3. Online training - Digital platforms can solve training related problems expeditiously and can solve the problem more efficiently. Epidemics helped us understand the value of being online. From the perspective of a retail businessman, you should also look and go for online methods to provide training to the employees. Online training can include videos lectures, text summary and image templates. The above materials can help new and old employees to better understand their responsibilities. You can also encourage and motivate them by providing certificates after online training.


Food business always needs trained employees as compared to other businesses. Untrained employees can ruin customer experience which leads to a bad reputation in the market.

  1. Keep It Short Training normally is a months-long routine that can add some extra professionalism to employees. Always try to make your training paid and short. Long and unpaid training sessions can lead you to bored employees making large mistakes. to get helped in this try putting some extra efforts to make your training small while focussing employees to learn from old employees and their experience.
  2. Evaluate the results - Don’t just be a chatterbox who gives lectures to the employees. Long lectures frustrate whoever they are given. Always try to put employees to the test and evaluate the result. This will help you understand the learning pace and weaknesses of every single employee. After the test and evaluation steps, do not forget to appreciate them in front of staff to do more.
  3. Assigning a mentor - Assigning a mentor or team leader will help reduce the burden on your shoulder.  Being a businessman you might have several other works for regulation of customer satisfaction and expansion process. Some people also don’t like to preach to anyone. If you are one of those who don’t like giving lectures, simply assign a mentor for training purposes and his/her responsibility will be to solely provide training and give you the feedback of every employee. Additionally, this will limit your interaction with every single person in the business. 
  4. Emphasizing safety - Pandemic helped us know the importance of safety. Proper training can help us to pass this on to the next generation. We should make safety a habit to get rid of the same problem in the future. Safety in the restaurant and food business can mean getting some easy emergency tips, social distancing, and following sanitization in the premises. 

Health and beauty

  1. Determine and explain the requirements - Health and beauty businesses always need a good explanation of requirements. Employees should be trained and informed to reach desired goals. People normally forget to tell their employees about responsibility which leads to confusion and procrastination of important work to be done.
  2. Develop and distribute training materials - Training material can lessen your hard work by half or so. Make sure you provide them with proper training material in the initial training time and let them learn with time. You can increase difficulty and responsibility level eventually.
  3. Feedback - Feedback is one of the primary important things done for any type of employee training. Feedback is vital as it helps in understanding the progress rate and areas in which you need to focus. Eventually, you should give them feedback on their works as well.
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