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Top 4 Advantages of Cloud Computing for Franchise Businesses

Cloud computing is where data is stored, managed and processed on a network of servers hosted remotely on the internet. Read on...

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Top 4 Advantages of Cloud Computing for Franchise Businesses

With technologies intervening in almost every aspect of business, it is important for franchisors and franchisees to make use of them to make the franchise system effective. Cloud computing is one such technology which allows enterprises to monitor many things in much effective way than ever.

Cloud computing is where data is stored, managed and processed on a network of servers hosted remotely on the internet. In case of franchisors and franchisees, cloud computing technology becomes an easy of coordinating with each other on various aspects. Here are five advantages of cloud computing for a franchise business.

Easy Accessibility of Data

The relationship of a franchisor and a franchisee requires communication at various levels. Many times, it becomes imperative for them to share data related to the growth of the franchise business at various levels. For instance, keeping up with financial budget, logistics, and e-commerce data have to be accessed by either parties on a couple of occasions. So, cloud systems allow them to access it whenever they need the data.

As cloud systems are stored on servers and can be accessed from anywhere, it becomes easier for franchise owners and franchisees to access all the company information they need. So, cloud systems make it easier for franchisees and franchisors to collaborate with each other from multiple locations. Cloud system enables them to assist manpower and adds flexibility in accessing the data remotely.

Tighter Security

Many times, one can lose data if it is saved in PCs and laptops. But as the data in cloud system are stored online, storing data becomes a safer option as everything will always be backed up and will be safe from any local disaster.

Another advantage of cloud system is that experts can ensure the safety of the data. Only those who have the permission of the data (across the franchise system) can access the data when it comes to cloud systems, so one doesn’t have to be sceptical about the breach of data in a cloud system.

Reduced IT costs

As you move all your data in the cloud systems, the cost of managing and maintaining your IT systems cuts instantly. Rather than purchasing expensive systems and equipments for your franchisees, one can take up cloud systems to reduce IT costs.

The cloud systems can save you money in different ways. First of all, the cost of system upgrades gets reduced. Secondly, one doesn’t need to engage more staffs and spend money for their wages as maintenance of cloud system doesn’t need any staff. Thirdly, the energy consumption of systems gets reduced as the data is saved online.


One of the biggest benefits of using a cloud system is that it can be sized up or scaled up as per convenience without spending a huge of amount of money. When it comes to expansion of a franchise, it is obvious to consider that a lot of data will be increased as many new people associates with your business. So, in that case, one can expand the size of the cloud systems easily.

Cloud computing allows businesses to accommodate the IT needs to upscale or downscale as is needed. In case of expansion, businesses usually expand the existing systems as they need it. Earlier, it could have been a big deal for enterprises as it used to require buying more and more systems to accommodate the new changes, but with cloud systems, this long-time issue for franchisors and franchisees could be resolved easily.


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