Top 21 Small Scale Business Ideas in India

What are the profitable small scale business ideas in India with low investment? This article would provide some business ideas to start on a small scale. Read more to know the options available.

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Top 21 Small Scale Business Ideas in India

Small Scale Business Ideas

There are numerous people/entrepreneurs in India, who wants to get huge profits by starting their own business. They are consistently looking for the best small business ideas with low investments and an opportunity that makes a decent amount of profits. Selecting the right business according to the skillset you have also matters. Skillset plays a major role in achieving your business goals. You should be confident enough to implement the skills you have and manage to overcome the upcoming challenges. 

By minimizing the search and doing the leg work for you, here is a list of Top 21 Small scale business ideas in India with Low Investments and High benefits. These business opportunities are best suited for everybody, whether you are a student, housewife, or a person with huge goals and have the will to achieve them. These small scale business ideas are not bound to any geographical restrictions and market scenarios. Be it anywhere in India or around the globe, these business ideas will work for you. Further, let’s discuss some small business ideas for you to pick that match your understanding.

We have a list of Top 21 Small scale business ideas in India. The list also includes part-time, home-based, and online business ideas which are mentioned below:

1. Event Organizing and management

Managing an event or party can be a wonderful business opportunity for those who are good at planning and ensuring that things stay on track. With a bit of creativity and some management skills, you can sort&plan everything from weddings to parties, events, and any occasion that includes a gathering. 

2. Pet Care Services

People often have to leave their pets when they need to travel. They like it when they have expert pet care assistance. If you have a way with pets and a lot of room to work with, this can be a rewarding business. You would initially need some training/certification for taking care of pets, and some investment in setting up a site or social media page. 

3. Food Trucks

Food trucks are an extraordinary method to have a mobile kitchen. It can move to where the customers are, instead of paying exorbitant rents for commercial complexes. As the initial setup cost, you would have to rent a couple of food trucks, pay for the employees, have delicious food recipes that people love and you are all set. 

4. Start a Cafe

A typical trend among home and property owners to lease their places to be converted into a unique and rustic coffeehouse that pulls in customers who love to spend energy and time in such a setting. Despite the fact that this is a small business, there is investment going into licensing and paperwork. Therefore thoroughly research how you need it to be for approvals. From that point onward, you simply need to pick the theme for your customers and you are all set to go.

5. Handicrafts & DIY

There's a huge market for handcrafted things, however, the cost for it at shopping centers and malls are unrealistic and kill the interest of city dwellers in buying them. Purchasing and selling handcraft is a decent low investment business where you buy handicrafts from better places around the nation and sell them at sensible costs. Since they have a value as home or office decor and gifts, there will consistently be people who love Handcrafts. You can make huge profits in handicrafts if you know how to make them according to the trend and market them too. 

6. Tutoring

There has always been a demand for good and skilled teachers who can simplify academic concepts to students and help them secure top scores in their exams. If you have done your schooling and are good at explaining concepts, this can be a great opportunity for you. You can begin at home and grow at last to something large through this small scale business concept. 

7. Fitness Trainer

If working out has always been your passion and you are physically fit, you can become a fitness coach at local gyms. On top of that, if you are active on social media, it ensures your reach and customers are always coming in the flow. Fitness trainers who have a huge number of followers often attain celebrity status and make a lot of profits via online media platforms. 

8. Scented Candles

There aren’t too many people who are into fancy scented candles, but as more people become aware of it and the business has good potential. Making candles is not rocket science, things you need are: some basic molds of different shapes, a heating element, a source of different types of wax, the essential oils for aroma and you are good to go.

9. Photography

Photography and video content are of the incredible interest in this age of social media and glamour. Enthusiasm for photography and the talent of getting perfect shots could work well for you in your own small business. You can begin as a glamour photographer working with pre-wedding shoots and eventually move up to more and more clients. You can begin with rented cameras prior to investing in your own equipment. 

10. Cakes

A decent oven and some baking skills are all that is required to start a bakery or a cake business at home. Baking can be turned into a small business that makes cookies, biscuits, and numerous other bakery products that you can supply to stores and offices. Any special skill or unique recipe can make a huge difference as people are continually searching for new tastes wherever it is available. 

11. Meal Services

Meal services are another incredible business idea for those with skills in cooking. There is a huge demand for the delivery of meals to both offices and PGs. All you need is a small scale set up to prepare wholesome, clean, and healthy food and start supplying. If your meals and service are exceptionally good, you can expect tremendous growth in your business.

12. Organic Farming

Organic Farming can be started as a business with some land if you have some, or it can be leased. You need to do research and consult with an expert before starting this business.

13. Personal Chef

A person hired by different clients for preparing meals is known as a personal chef. If you have the skill to make tasty food you can become a personal chef. You can generate moderate income from this business.

14. Laundry Shop

A laundry shop is a low investment business opportunity. This business is for low-skilled or uneducated people. You can start your own laundry shop and get decent profits.

15. Career Counseling

People are always looking for a good career counselor for the selection of the right career. They generally seek guidance/support from an expert, even in most of the school specially organize career counseling session for the help of children. If you are an expert in this area you can become a good counselor and earn money.

16. Freelance writer

Generating quality content (writing) can make you a lot of money. You need to tie up with bloggers or websites looking for content. However, to become successful in this field, you have to be extremely skilled which needs a lot of practice.

17. Grocery Store

This is one of the easiest and most common retail business ideas. It can be started with low investment. You can start this business from home. You will need local municipality clearance and GST number to start this business. The success of this business depends upon the environment, type of products you sell, prices, and demand.

18. Scrap Store

Sometimes someone’s scrap can be your treasure. It is also possible to get profits from the scrap business. Scrap store is a great business option, in which you need to collect junk items such as newspapers, plastic, and other discarded material. You also need to find out a buyer for accumulated scrap.

19. Water Filter and bottling Plant

These are one of the prime requirements nowadays. If you think about the water problems and are keen to solve them, you can establish your own water filter plan. You require a big space and skilled manpower to start this business. You can either assemble filtering plant machinery or you can purchase from the authorized seller. The investment and regulatory requirements of this business are high.

20. Gardening Services

Agriculture-based business can be a good option for many. Gardening Services is the type of service which you can go with if you love nature and have a needed skill set in gardening. Nowadays, house owners and corporates opt for gardening services and vertical wall concept. It is a highly profitable business option. 

21. Florist

Being a florist is one of the best business options available today. In this business, you need to grow flowers of different types and sell them or start your own shop as a florist. You require a suitable place to grow flowers. 


Not all businesses require huge investments; many can be started on a low or tight budget and developed into highly profitable ventures. Alongside it, you will require a specific type of skill(according to the business you chose) to grow and sustain. Stick to your business venture with having patient is all you need to see your business grow with time.

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