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Infused with fresh extracts of basil, mint and pomegranate, Iraya summer skincare range offers seven exclusive products with unique soothing benefits.
By WI Bureau 2015-05-01
Pioneer of beauty industry, Kamal Passi, who established one of the most sought after beauty brand Lotus Herbals about 25 years ago, took his last breath at his resident in Delhi.
By WI Bureau 2015-04-15
With growing awareness and availability of resources, maintaining skin is easy by consuming certain healthy things. However, it is equally important to know the factors which may hamper skin and lead to an uneven or wrinkled skin.
By Guest Author 2015-04-15
Young India is taking up aesthetics services to look their best on the first day of college or office, fueling growth of aesthetics business, a bright and beautiful future is foreseen.
By Guest Author 2015-04-02
With the onset of summer, Bottega di LungaVita has launched an exclusive Sol Leon range of products that will protect the skin from the harsh UV rays and give a soft, nourished skin.
By WI Bureau 2015-03-17
As mercury dips, skin problems increases manifolds. The skin loses its glow, giving way to dryness and so on. This season, brace yourself with healthy skin by following these simple tips.
By Dr Madhuri Agarwal 2014-12-17

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