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Profitable start-ups for young Ecopreneurs

We Indians are growing continuously in terms of number but with limited resources. This thing can lead us to a very major problem of increasing pollution and overpopulation.

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Profitable start-ups for young Ecopreneurs

Profitable start-ups for young Ecopreneurs
We Indians are growing continuously in terms of number but with limited resources. This thing can lead us to a very major problem of increasing pollution and overpopulation. We are using the resources in a manner that is taking them towards extinction. As per the NITI Ayog report, 21 cities including Delhi will have no groundwater till 2030. This is not only about water or energy; the inflation rate in India keeps us struggling for necessities and far from luxury. In this time, when the whole country is started opening and coming back on the path, here are some environment-friendly business ideas to make money.

Solar panel business
Having most of the part as tropic region, India receives a large amount of sunlight. There are some devices available in the market called solar panels, which transform sunlight into electricity. Installing several solar panels in suitable areas can solve the problem of electricity shortage in India. If you want to do a money-making business having a far approach, Solar panel business can give you all you need. As the market is pretty new and futuristic, you can do anything you want. You can either set up a manufacturing unit or get into the retail of solar panels. The solar panel will eventuate as a win-win game for you.
To start this solar panel business you must understand your market needs, your customer demands and the amount of investment to do. Market needs can found by proper research and surveys. Your customer's demand may vary according to your area. The amount of investment directly depends on the type of business you’re doing and it is directly proportional to your profit. If you can put in a good amount of money and you have your personal business space you can go for the manufacturing part. If you are more likely to invest a small amount you can contact manufacturing units in your area and start retailing. In starting, you can put a small amount of money into the business and let it grow with your efforts. After that, put investment as needed.

Energy generation
Apart from solar panels, various other start-up ideas can give you good returns. Any type of green energy generation business will not only heal nature but give you profit too. The type of energy which doesn’t affect nature in the wrong way is called green energy. Various business ideas can be started to get profit and maintain the natural balance as well. If you are already in the dairy business or thinking of doing it, the Biogas plant can be a good option for you. Biogas is a system of turning cattle waste into gaseous for which later can be converted to electricity. After setting up a Biogas plant you can use the energy for household work or can sell it to the government. Biogas is counted in some never-ending sources of energy. Biogas can be used to produce electrical energy and its by-product is an organic compound that works as a fertilizer.

If you are living in the desert or beach area, you can sell wind energy to make a profit. Strong winds can be used to make turbines produce electricity. However, it costs a little higher in terms of investment, but worth every penny after setup. The wind energy business is mostly a one-time investment that gives lifetime results. Energy generation business can be started with a very small investment and grows rapidly as market demand.

E-vehicle business
India having a network of more than 5.8 million kilometres of roads requires a continuous flow of vehicles to fulfil public and market demand. Currently, petrol and diesel-powered vehicle are used in India with a minimal number of the electric vehicle. Electric vehicles will soon replace those petrol fuel vehicles as petrol is a non-renewable source that takes millions of years to reform. If you are also thinking of investing in the electric vehicle business this is the perfect time to do so. There are multiple options to make money in this business like you can buy this electric vehicle and rent them at a good cost. You can set up a big manufacturing unit in collaboration with some big companies which will develop as a good deal. Entering the market as a dealer or retailer of any branded E-vehicle can give you a lot of customers and profit.

Scrap recycler
The large population of our country generate a huge amount of waste. This waste can be in form of dry waste or wet waste. Wet waste is generally kitchen waste that can be used to make manure and compost. Dry waste contains plastic, metal and paper. All these dry wastes can be sold to companies that reuse them to form new items. A very few of us knows that this waste can be reused and recycled as new and useful items. People also use scrap material and make some of the best things to sell. If your plan is to do something out of the box, and you are not into investing a huge amount in it, this is the best option for you. Scrap recycling doesn’t require any licence in India but you need to take a permit from local authorities. The scrap recycling business doesn’t only help nature to revive but is very profitable too.

Organic farming
Farming, if done in the right way can give you more than expected. After suffering from this life taking pandemic people became more health-conscious and focused on a healthy lifestyle. In this time you can start organic farming to help them. Organic farming is done with traditional methods and its products are fully safe for human health. These organic products are free from any sort of harmful fertilizers and chemicals. If you have some farming land or any fertile land, this is the right time to use that land for growing money. Organic farming is so much profitable and futuristic business in this situation.

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