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Pet franchising, inspiring international concept

Though the franchise industry has witnessed tremendous growth in India, still there are certain novel concepts that are left untapped by the Indian entrepreneurs. Pet franchising is one of such concepts that offers lucrative business proposal. Read on to

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Pet franchising, inspiring international concept

India is witnessing a tremendous growth as the franchise industry is expected to grow at an annual rate of 40 per cent. Such growth can be attributed to the emergence of many new concepts in franchising. However, the global markets are flooded with unique franchise concepts which are yet to be adopted by the Indian entrepreneurs. Pet franchising is still an unknown concept in India which is doing very well in the Western countries. Considering the growing trend among foreigners, now Indians have felt a great demand for pet care centres. Thus lot of entrepreneurs are capitalising on this growing trend of pet franchising.

Categories in pet franchises

Seeing the popularity of this unique concept, International pet franchises have started franchises catering to the different needs of their clients. Here is a brief view of the different categories in pet franchises:

  • Mobile pet grooming: The working couples most often leave their pets, particularly dogs to take care of the vacant homes. At such times when pets are alone, the mobile pet grooming franchises prove useful in feeding and taking care of the pets.
  • Pet supply franchise: Keeping in view the rising popularity of pet care trends, many pet supply franchises have also started. They sell exotic and pedigree breeds of dogs and other pets.
  • Kennel franchise:  Such franchises take care of the pets when their owners are out for a long period of time.
  • Pet product franchise: Certain franchises especially deal with the products, and food for the pets. With the increase in the spending capacity of people, they like to buy quality products, accessories, as well as nutritional supplement food for their pets.

Need for pet care centres

It has been observed since times immemorial that human beings have always cherished a passion for keeping pets and have found trustworthy companion in form of pets, like dogs, cats, birds and other unusual breeds of animals. However, there are times when one has to go out for medical, businesses, or personal reasons for long duration of time. In such situation, pet care centres come very handy and useful. A pet franchise specifically deals with taking care of pets, while the owners are not at home. The need for pet care centres is gradually increasing due to the increased pet ownership and indulgence on owning or grooming pets. Keeping in mind the growing trend of keeping pets, India holds lucrative benefits for interested entrepreneurs.

Low-initial cost, high return franchises

Starting and running a pet franchise company is a low investment and high profit franchise. Running a pet franchise does not require high educational degrees, expensive machinery, or costly furnishings for the outlet. Moreover, these outlets do not necessitate malls and high street location, but work better near residential areas. As it is more convenient for people to drop and pick up their pets. Moreover, it offers the right opportunity for people who want to work with pets. Having a franchise will provide the security of an established business structure, training and extra support, and enable franchisees to get on with the business. Therefore, starting a pet franchise would give beneficial results to franchisors as well as franchisees.

Reasons for its success

Starting a pet franchise is forecasted to be a lucrative offer in India as well. As mentioned above, it has been a popular concept in the Western countries. According to the American Pet Products Manufacturing Association, more than 62 per cent of US households own at least one pet, with most of these being dogs or cats. This trend of keeping pets has caught up in the country. Few other reasons for its predicted success are listed below:

Tremendous increase in pet keepers: Till a few years back, pets were only kept by the affluent class but with the increase in disposable income the middle class has also started keeping pets.

Rising awareness in pet keeping: With the growth of pet keepers, there is more awareness of taking care of them. Earlier pets like dogs were kept to safeguard the houses and were not treated very well. However, with the changing trends, animals are kept for playing and are treated more like family members.

Most owners working out: With the spreading trend of both the couples working, there is no one to take care of their pets. Moreover, in the future the working women trend is certain to increase. Thereby in such a situation the pet franchises are sure to do good business. Feeding the pets, taking them for walks etc., will be taken care by the pet franchise companies. Therefore the owners do not have to worry about their pets alone at home.

Increase in travelling: With low cost travel fares and increase in the number of travel destinations, more and more people like to travel worldwide. At such situations when the owners are busy travelling, taking care of their pets seems difficult. A pet franchise can be the best remedy for such difficult situations.

The pet franchises are certain to become the ultimate way for fast-living, high-spending modern couples and families, who would love to own a pet but not worry of it being alone all day.

To conclude it can be stated that aspiring franchisors and franchisees should never dismiss an idea as irrelevant, as many strange concepts have made huge benefits. One never knows which idea clicks with the people. If you are an animal lover and would like to earn in this profession than starting a pet franchise company can be the best option.

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