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Marketing initiatives becomes an integral part of franchise business

Marketing your brand or franchise in the right way can win you not only footfall, but profit. Let's know more...

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Marketing initiatives becomes an integral part of franchise business

Any brand, established or struggling, wants to put in best efforts for its marketing strategies and initiatives taken. Marketing is not only an integral part of any franchise business but is also equally important for the existence of the brand in the long run. Usually, consumers love such brands that have great marketing initiatives with great recall too. When marketing decisions are made for a particular brand, it’s important to know how it will affect its overall franchise business and relationship with the consumer. Lets’ know more on this..

When we talk of marketing and franchise brands together, the best example that comes to mind is Amul. A brand that has now become the favourite of every Indian milk lover. Amul supplies in huge amount to its C&F that store Amul products in bulk. This C&F then transfers the products to distributors who in turn give it to retailers. Amul also has direct sales team, distributors, franchise outlets, distribution system and so on. The marketing strategy of Amul has always been impeccable.

Developing marketing strategy for your franchisees
Whenever brands want to build a proper marketing support plan for their franchisees they need to do it in a long term manner. Few steps can be helpful here:

  • Talk to franchisees before finalising the Marketing Strategy
  • Determine Sales Goals
  • Also try and build Marketing Programs around your franchisees success
  • Prepare a budget for everything
  • A neat and clear communication Plan

Brands can also choose to do this
For a thorough marketing training, brands can also launch corporate marketing programs for franchisees. It is a brilliant idea to teach the franchisees and guide them on all the aspects of your brands franchise marketing. Go for more affordable options for the training. Brands can choose to deliver different programs for different locations and needs as per regions. Brands should also make a proper report for this, and share with their franchisees so that they can go through the same anytime and also share the marketing details with the subordinates. Print, digital or outdoor marketing, all should be done very effectively with decided budgets and rules. On marketing initiatives, Kaustabh Chakraborty, Senior VP - Customer Operations & amp; Retail for Urban Ladder shares with us: ‘What we’ll start with is to see how online as a channel can drive footfalls and traffic to our offline stores. Once we are able to secure that, we’ll see how we can get more people through our offline marketing strategies and then drive traffic online through that medium. This will have to play out over 2 years to yield any constructive results. The first year, digital channels will drive traffic to our offline stores, supplemented by localized activations around the stores, building enough buzz and awareness of the stores’ presence. We’ll also be doing a lot of community events in the store to keep attracting customers. Once we’re able to do that, then the magic of the online/offline presence will truly start to happen. We’ll start seeing people experiencing the store and then making the purchase online. The other part of our marketing will be to use technology in the store and how that will become a talking point of our offline engagements.’

Positive word-of-mouth from the patrons can also be one of the most powerful methods of marketing. The customers can make your brand outshine others. The brands must introduce newer and better methods for marketing. Franchise brands must devise out methods to upgrade their marketing plans and better franchise relationship too. 

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