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Where established Indian brands have already expanded their threshold in foreign land, new entrants are not far behind. But overseas expansion is no child’s play. Let us learn what all it takes for a newly set up Indian enterprise to grow its base abroad.
Forget those lengthy processes and difficulties in owning a petrol pump. With several petrol pump majors offering opportunities to set up a fuel station via the franchise route and the Centre Government relaxing norms for operating the same, you could be
As the demand for fresh juices is evolving rapidly, organised brands are now eager to extend their footprint across metros, tier II and III cities to grab more of the industry’s pie. Take a quick look at how organised market for fresh juice segment is g
A legendary saying goes like this, “A true Indian noble; embraces what is global.” No wonder international accessories brands have considered India to be a welcoming and profitable destination for expansion. Let us have a glimpse of how these brands a
It’s a common misconception that in order to be a successful franchisee all that is needed is ‘burning entrepreneurial spirit’. Most entrepreneurs are lured by the concept that, “A franchisee does not have to worry about what to do or how to do it
“Sweet is no more sinful.” Indian bakery industry is overflowing with a number of bakeries, serving high nutritious value breads, cakes, sweets and confectioneries to the customers.

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