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guidelines to start franchise business
Budding entrepreneurs put in their best efforts to succeed and become the owners of a successful franchise business. FIHL offers you a to-do list which is an assured way to success.
By Abha Garyali 2009-11-09
Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with dreams of having your own business. The best available option is to take up a franchise because compared to an independent business a franchise already has a brand, customer loyalty and systems in place. Despite all t
By Abha Garyali 2009-10-13
Once you have taken the decision to be a franchisee, the next step would be to approach the desired franchisor. Confused about how to go about it. We will make it easy for you. Here is all you will need to go through
By Neha Malhotra 2009-10-10
Whenever you talk to a franchisor and ask him about the most significant element of opening a store. Most of them would say Location, location and location. As evident as it is that location plays the most imperative role for the success of a store, there
By Neha Malhotra 2009-10-09