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Explore massive opportunity in helmet business

With increasing automobiles in the country, especially motorcycles, helmet business has witnessed immense profit. This article explains what it takes to start a helment business.

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Explore massive opportunity in helmet business

With government making it compulsory for both the rider and pillion rider to wear helmet, the sale of helmets has gone high in most states. Seeing the safety factor, most people have now started opting for branded helmets only. Even the brands have introduced numerous models as per the customer head size and suitability preferences. Also, in order to curb the rising number of road mishaps in Uttar Pradesh, the government there has also decided to celebrate Helmet and Seat Belt Diwas on every Wednesday with rigorous check on people driving two wheelers. This growing awareness and demand surely calls for a lot of brands to come ahead and manufacture good quality helmets. So, how can you make great bucks with a helmet business? How should you start off? We tell you more....

Nowadays, thousands of helmets are sold each day. With the sternness of the administration and also growing safety concerns, helmets sale is up and rising. Seeing this, many big names in the manufacturing industry also started manufacturing helmets. Top names in helmet manufacturing include Vega, Steelbird, Studds, Royal Enfield, Aerostar and many more. So, what all it takes to get maximum profits in a helmet business? On being asked, Rajeev Kapur, Managing Director, Steelbird helmets tells us: ‘Seeing is believing.  Helmet business is growing very fast and those who have maximum number of display for their products will survive and be successful.  In a state like Orissa, our distributor has opened a store with a display of over 4500 helmets. It is our biggest helmet showroom in India. Now, customer wants helmet suiting to his personality. Day by day, the entry level helmets are selling only 10%. All high end models are selling. The graphic models are in demand. People want better designs and are ready to spend. Till now we are having 4000 SKU’s. It will be 8000 in the next two years. A retailer will have all the stocks and ready inventory in the coming times. Customer can come and ask for any size and colour and he will be ready with it. Helmet is a product which the customer buys only when he visits the shop because every head and size is different.  He has to buy a product that can suit his personality and fix in his head too.’

Things to remember

Hire trained staff: Of course the much required brand training will be given by the company but try and hire staff that knows a lot about the helmet industry and the kind of product they are going to sell. Make sure your staff -

  • Welcomes the customer well into the store.
  • Offers them best assistance.
  • Suggests the best helmets to them as per their needs and choice.
  • Also, advises customers by providing information on your products.
  • Also, creates a friendly atmosphere for the customer and helps them try on different helmets.
  • Keeps the customer informed about offers and discounts in the future.

 Check every detail with the franchisor: In case you have taken a franchise right for any helmet brand, know all about the product, models available, franchise fee, any hidden cost, total investment and also every detail related to opening of the franchise store. You should also check with the franchisor if he is giving you any support related to marketing of the products and store establishment.

Business plan: In every business it is essential to have a vibrant business plan. With this you can estimate every possible investment and other things related to your business. You can very well go through this plan before final launch of your brand.

Product type: Decide if your brand will manufacture helmets for bikes, bicycles, skating or anything else. Since helmets are protective gears, one has to be very particular about quality and size. Do a lot of research before launch of any brand or product.

Feedback is vital: The success or failure of any product or brand totally depends upon the customer. So, have timely feedbacks from the people using your product. Know about their likes and dislikes for the products. They are the best judge.

Always know about the rules and laws: Make sure you know all about the business regulations, licenses required and laws related to a helmet business. This can vary from state to state and city to city. Just like a food brand will have different rules as compared to a retailer. Do keep a check on the same. Know all about your brand before stepping out in the market.

Location: Research well about the best location in the town and open your store there. Helmet business is a kind that requires more visibility. Unless and until your product is displayed properly, it cannot sell. Take advice from someone who knows the city and area well.


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