Pre-School Franchises Are Booming Businesses Nowadays In India.
By Sneha Santra 2018-07-03
Witnessing plethora of opportunities in the industry, education, beauty and furniture brands have decided to go all out for better tie-ups to remain at power with the competition.
By Ekta Sharma 2017-03-09
Today for every child, going to a reputed, well organised, and structured pre-school has become a necessity. Parents today select those schools that focus on the child’s well-being, safety and security gives importance to maintaining a healthy and hygienic...
By Jasleen Kaur Taneja 2016-09-27
When it comes to choosing the brand for a franchise, most people just compare the initial and ongoing franchise fees or get tempted by no royalty (no support) models while making their choice of franchise.
By Amol Arora 2016-08-23
According to the Indian Brand Equity Foundation, in 2015-16, the Indian education market was worth about US$ 100 billion and is expected to reach US$ 116.4 billion in FY 2016-17.
By Jasleen Kaur Taneja 2016-08-03
Aiming at exploring the intrinsic potential of every kid and inculcating in him/her the joy of learning, believing in his/her uniqueness, Eurokids- the pre-school specialist, has planned to..
By Sakshi Arora 2013-12-12
Specialising in early childhood education and pre-school programs is Eurokids. In an interaction Amit Singh, National Business Manager, EuroKids shares the continual growth of the company..
By Namita Bhagat 2011-05-31

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