education startup
Qriyo is a platform providing evaluated tutors for over 400 courses in academics, life skills, hobbies and fitness segment.
By Niharika Verma 2016-09-30
The tagline of KleverMind – ‘Many Schools, One form’ is its primary USP. KleverMind is an online platform that simplifies the nursery admissions for both struggling parents and overworked school staff.
By Jasleen Kaur Taneja 2016-09-26
AppyStore is an app with videos and curated content designed for children up to eight years of age.
By Pragati Ratti Sharma 2016-09-21
Cuemath, which came to the fore in 2013, today has over 2,000 centres across India and is continuing to grow.
By Jyoti Valecha 2016-08-25

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