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digital learning
"With Artificial Intelligence& Machine Learning kicking in, digital education is poised to transform like never before", says Aditya Malik.
By Reetika Bose 2018-01-05
With everything going digital today, it is highly recommended for businesses to take on the digital route in order to cater to their audience. Publication industry is not lagging behind. Let’s know more..
Technology is helping teachers to impart wholesome education, such education has a strong social, moral and emotional content which are very important ingredients of a firm foundation of a student
By Mitsuyo Tamai 2017-12-11
It is now time that ‘learning-by-doing’ became the more preferred way of teaching
By Uttara.J. Malhotra 2017-09-07
Digital learning has seeped into the system considerably and has a far-reaching impact towards educating the vast population of India.
By Reetika Bose 2017-08-18
Technology is not all about playing games online or watching animated videos etc. The benefits of technology depend on the way children, parents and teachers choose to use it to enhance learning.
By Reetika Bose 2017-08-16
Today, there are innumerable online educational portals that cater to students of all levels, from school to working professionals.
By Vibha Kagzi 2017-06-03

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