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customer experience
Atmosphere and ambience is one of the most important things of a restaurant.
By Shahram Warsi 2018-05-25
Restaurateurs should think like a customer in order to create an impactful first impression.
By Shahram Warsi 2018-05-23
With the ever increasing competition in the market, every brand is toiling hard enough to gain consumers. Here are some tips to gain customer loyalty.
By Madhusree Chowdhury 2017-11-03
Today, many brands are taking up the challenge of reconstructing themselves in order to gain more attention, but is it that easy? Let’s find out...
By Ekta Sharma 2017-08-12
These days people do not view eating out as a ‘food affaire’ but is more than getting the right menu on the plate, it is all about experience.
By Nusra 2017-05-09
In an exclusive interview with Mohit Khattar, MD & CEO Godrej Nature\'s Basket.
By Retailer 2015-01-29

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