benefits of rebranding
After a failure, Reebok Crossfit Gurgaon has launched afresh with a new studio, a new location, a new owner, new equipment and more.
By Pragati Ratti Sharma 2016-08-16
Here is a case study defining how India’s leading aesthetician Dr. Jamuna Pai has disrupted her brand’s existence by renaming ‘Blush Clinics as SkinLab’. Unravel the outcome of this rebranding strategy.
By Niharika Verma 2016-07-15
Everything calls for a change and up-gradation, and even well established businesses are not distinct to it. Any business strategy, no matter how successful it is needs renovation and a revamp. Business owners including franchisors are always on the look
By Abha Garyali 2012-08-13

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