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Being a Better Version- Yoga Trends 2018

Yoga is being loved all over the world and its various variations have started to gain the same attention.

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Being a Better Version- Yoga Trends 2018

Yoga is practised and loved around the globe. People have enjoyed the simple pleasures and bigger benefits it provides. The calm and meditative state it helps you reach is something to really look forward to. As years pass by, we have come across the various versions of Yoga, some being weird and completely funny. Though the yoga industry keeps on experimenting, below is a list of some of the trends, some serious and some funny, that are going to be a part of 2018.

Acro- Yoga
So, acro-yoga has been a big part of 2017 with yoga lovers trying out different postures with their partners. Partner yoga, as its second name, is a complete exercise designed for partners to test their flexibility, body connection and many other essential things through the various yoga postures being performed mid-air.

The Yoga Retreat Vacation
One can definitely merge vacation and yoga together. The perfect package of relaxation is the yoga retreat vacations. Yoga enthusiasts love the idea of enjoying yoga at the best vacation spots in the world. The idea behind this variation of yoga is to bring together the best of yoga and the fun factor of vacations to provide the best experiences to people.

Beer Yoga
This one’s a big hit with beer lovers. Beer yoga sounds nothing sort of serious but it is everything for people who are a lot of yoga and beer. Beer yoga lets you practice different postures while sipping beer. While many might think this is of no use, the real benefit behind beer yoga is to make the participants relax and enjoy the environment they feel more comfortable in while providing them with the benefits of regular yoga.

Live Music Yoga
Music had been adding dimension to the fitness world for a long time. Live music yoga is basically a way to energise people and get them going with yoga. Gyms and fitness centres have always entertained the idea of having music around just because of its factor of pumping up the environment for the exercises. Mixing live music with yoga adds new energy and intensity which helps to develop the desired concentration in yoga.

Floating Yoga
Everyone’s trying it in Los Angeles and it's being thought of as becoming a hit in 2018. The floating yoga is all about trying out tricky yoga positions while balancing the body on a surfboard in water. Though it can be performed on the ground as well, no rules in here, but the real test is on water. It’s the next level of yoga with getting yourself engrossed in the serenity of it on water.

Mobile Yoga
We all are busy and who gets the time to sit down and practice yoga once they are back from work or a super tiring day? Mobile yoga is the answer to all the woes of the busy people. With many apps available for the ‘busy yoga lovers’, they can let their yoga juices flow anywhere, anytime. The apps offer personalised sessions with the yoga teachers and gurus’ available through the apps. That’s technology providing spiritual benefits!

Expert Speak
“New innovations are happening in the yoga industry and our goal and target here are to maintain the ethics of the business here. So, we are trying to bring forms but also at the same time trying o make the base strong. There are lots of new things coming in yoga”, says Akshar, Founder, Chairman and Course Director, Akshar Yoga.

“Yoga has gained lots of importance today and rightly so. It is an excellent healthy lifestyle change. Yoga for me has had a very positive impact in my life and has helped me deal with a lot of health issues. It is more than just asanas, its ones internal journey through the physical body. People are focussing on yoga a lot globally. If done with complete dedication and focus yoga can be a life changer. Yoga is gaining popularity among people across the globe due to its benefits. However, the risk factors are that many claim themselves to be yoga gurus without much training and misguides, which leads to serious health consequences. There should be an association or an apex body which keeps a watch on the quality and ensure strict regulations are followed and practised to make yoga a more pleasurable experience and not leading to setbacks. Yoga again is not just about losing weight or toning up, it is a bi-product of its internal journey”, says Ms Chandrakala Purohit, Chief Operating Officer, JMD Medico.

Yoga is the way to reach calmness and contentment in life. The health benefits are many and it is being loved all over the world. Yoga means ‘union’ and it binds a person mentally, physically and spiritually. Since its introduction in the West, yoga has evolved tremendously. With many new versions of it taking form, it feels the future’s only better in the Yoga Industry.

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