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Franchising turns green

Environmental crisis like global warming have engulfed the whole world. Being an integral part of the business industry, franchising has also been enfolded in this rising concern. More and more franchise industries are becoming environment conscious and s

By Abha Garyali
Sub Editor
Franchising turns green

Businesses around the world have been forced to counter to the environmental challenges and the world of franchising is no different. Green franchises now constitute one of the fastest-growing industries, as businesses continue to embrace environmentally-friendly practices. The reasons for switching towards green are numerous as the world can no longer be careless and expect the earth’s resources to replenish themselves. According to industry analysts, the educated consumers consider ways to save the environment from climatic changes and would appreciate the company or outlet which has taken actions for the same. Here are some eco-friendly franchises which have already adopted the ‘green ways’:

A franchise industry that has geared to embrace the challenge is the dry-cleaning industry. Some of the companies have started applying eco-friendly liquid carbon dioxide-based equipment that is not only safer and less poisonous, but also gentler on fabrics. The harmless silicone-based dry-cleaning procedure too has met with positive responses from all areas. Becoming a franchisee of this industry will be favourable for any aspiring entrepreneur.

The cartridge franchising industry is another field where environment consciousness is on the rise. Every second, around eight printer cartridges are disposed off which takes around 450 years to get decomposed! The cartridge companies understanding how destructive the effect of such practices can be have emphasised on refilling and reusing printer ink cartridges. ‘Reduce, reuse and recycle’ has become the slogan of these companies.

The food franchise industry is also taking huge strides to turn green. There are a few restaurants that offer napkins which are recycled and hygienic. Many have put energy saving light bulbs to reduce the stress on electricity. A unique way in restaurants of turning green can be by using organic food items. Don’t worry, it will not change the taste but make the dishes healthier and fresher.  Innovative entrepreneurs are trying to make their businesses green at the moment, so now it may be your turn!!! Take a look at the following inexpensive but highly effective measures to turn green:

Switching off all the lights when leaving work place and increasing the temperature of the air condition can help in saving electricity. Fitting low cost energy light bulbs which can last for 8,000 hours will have a dramatic impact on your savings for your electricity bills.

  • Computers should be switched off when not in use. Lot of money is wasted by PCs left on unnecessarily.
  • Instructing the staff members to print documents etc when essential and encouraging them to reuse the printed papers.  
  • Using reusable cups and glasses instead of disposable ones. Set up a company recycling scheme in this way.
  • Organise car-sharing schemes for the employees or encourage them to use public transport to lessen the pollution of commuting by different vehicles everyday.
  • Reducing the need for staff to travel for business by using video conferencing and IT technologies etc.
  • Re-using and recycling electrical equipment instead of dumping them. Old computers should be donated to children homes etc.

These energy saving measures can contribute greatly for making your business green. It can make your reputation as an ‘eco-friendly franchisor’ and reduce the bills also. Hurry up to impart these measures to your franchise as you may be the only one left behind!! Turn Green now!!!

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